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  1. boreality

    I'm looking at a couple grapples. New2015 vs new new bmg.

    The 2015 is in Canada the new one is from Dave. I'm also in Canada so though they start out with similar prices the exchange and other costs would be over $1600 more for the US import. I'm learning the new one is wider and stronger but is it $1600 better?
  2. boreality

    Articulated stand on mini?

    I notice Top Notch is selling these Cast loaders and there's a couple videos of an articulated one but I can't figure out if it's a prototype in development or available.
  3. boreality

    PTSD work program

    Tree care already is a close to perfect fit to employ vets with ptsd. Of course there is the "American sniper's" story of when he tried to help so it's not easy. This is a mega project I'm proposing that could solve many problems on many levels. Tree care has image issues and trouble getting...
  4. boreality

    Stepped back cut

    Why not challenge our most fundamental workplace rule? In all the chainsaw training I've had the instructor will say OSHA requires the back cut so much higher than the apex of the face notch. Then if they're good trainers they'll say out the side of their mouth but close to level is better and...
  5. boreality

    ronin powered ascender

    Just saw the Ronin ascender it looks fast, affordable and compact enough. Not yet available they're still raising kickstarter money but it would be nice to get some reviews. Maybe they could let me demo one.
  6. boreality

    BTK side effects

    Tree climbers are more exposed than most to canopy aerial spraying. We've been sprayed here for 2 years in a row and I've been having respiratory issues both years. Any others feeling any effects?
  7. boreality

    Wet ear muffs

    You climbers on the wet coast have a solution to wet muffs screwing up your ears? I've been staggering like a drunk sailor with no balance for the better part of a week and lost hearing in one ear with it jammed up. Pulling out the foam and having a dry piece to switch in seems like the only...
  8. boreality

    Nerves of steel

  9. boreality

    Tree houses and swings??

    To be arboriculturally proper swings and houses would be suspended and annually remounted. No matter how kind the mount there will be tree damage. Just saw a picture on fb of a metal tower house built into the tree canopy. Not the same but drilling and bolting could go the way of carving...
  10. boreality

    Farley Mowat dies at age 92

    We knew him well through his books. Some of my favorite stories.
  11. boreality

    Mechanical double crotch

    I imagine ya run what cha brung but does anyone double crotch with two mechanicals or a mix. I'm wondering if two unicenders, zigzags or even wrenches would get tangled? That lead me to a new device idea. Half load would work smooth. The Zig Zag Double Wide. Just doin' it for the likes. Gotta...
  12. boreality

    Shouldn't be news but it is.

    Shouldn\'t be news but it is. I don't know anything about the organization asking for donations. Could be a scam with Reynaldo as it's cute Panda. I just want to go fishing with the boy and help Reynaldo plant some trees.
  13. boreality

    3 cut prune

    That undercut, top cut farther out and final outside the collar cut image is in almost every publication.'s dangerous. Fine on backyard light fruit tree pruning but it turns into a saw snatcher on bigger cuts. How about we stop using this bad advice as our most primary education? See...
  14. boreality

    tree processor

    Instead of a chipper a log splitter with a 6 plus foot ram and a shear after the splitter that could also process banches. Make 16 inch mulch/kindling and firewood ready to sell. As the branches plug up you run a block through to clean it. It would be better mulch and firewood.
  15. boreality

    jcb fast track

    My eyes bugged out when I saw one of these flying down the highway. They go 80kph/50mph. Could put it to work pulling a large trailer with a grapple/bucket combo around here anyway. Need a big storm to get away with it in the city. Maybe good for utility work...
  16. boreality

    De Boom
  17. boreality

    Starving arborist

    Check this out. I'm starving to death here with a ton of work and a lot of unpaid for work. Didn't even proof read it I just put it on the community fb page. Right/wrong it felt like a weight off my shoulders. Residential tree work is second only to commercial fishing in the most hazardous...
  18. boreality


    The police just announced distraction is the leading cause of vehicle accidents. Driving and tree work are like anything dangerous and need full focus. I don't know that this is addressed in training or even if anyone has written a book on the subject other than Buddah. As the number one cause...
  19. boreality


    This makes me feel like a sloth-like bumbler.
  20. boreality

    Frontier encroachment

    If a tree falls in the forest, does an urban arborist hear it? Can't see the forest for the trees. Does a bear sh!t in the woods? I just did.