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  1. TreeDr

    Immediate opening in NJ

    Immediate opening with growing NJ based company serving central NJ. Bucket experience helpful, drivers license a must. All new equipment. Pay based on performance. Safety and efficiency bonses available. Visit our website at Thank you.
  2. TreeDr

    Come climb with us in NJ !!

    Still looking for someone
  3. TreeDr

    Come climb with us in NJ !!

    Growing NJ company looking for full time tree climbers and bucket operators. New equipment in a great area. Pay based on ability. Come grow with us. Visit our website Thank you
  4. TreeDr

    Northern NJ Climber wanted

    Full time/ year round work at a TCIA Accredited company.Modern equipment and practices. Pay based on experience and abilities,...PM me for more details,...Thank you.
  5. TreeDr


    Anyone know of a good link to a training vid on the hazards of HV?
  6. TreeDr

    I Might want to work for you!

    Boots, you still beat your dog?
  7. TreeDr

    Firewood Business

    350 CORDS of wood. Sound like your sitting on a goldmine.....350x200..or so =$70,000+. Keep going
  8. TreeDr

    craigslist ads

    I use craigslist for free dump sites and it works great. If its free, they will call. List free dogshit there and someone will call you.
  9. TreeDr

    Old Growth Views

    You guys ever seen Bigfoot?...just curious.
  10. TreeDr

    Tree Climbing on DIY Network

    Did you get paid to do the show? I dont want to know how much, but did they give you anything? Just curious. You did a great job BTW. Trevor
  11. TreeDr

    Tree Climbing on DIY Network

    I tivo'd it and it was great. Good job. It looks like Cameron slept well that night. "This is the real deal"
  12. TreeDr

    Closing in on retirement?

    Move to Cuba if your so unhappy,...
  13. TreeDr

    do not call list

    Why do you have a dick response for everything? It was a completely informative post and you post nonsense? No wonder 1/2 buzz guys hate you and Blaster wants to make you his bitch. Trevor
  14. TreeDr

    Bring Back Butch (MasterBlaster) poll

    Re: Bring Back Butch Thread Didnt know he was banished from the buzz
  15. TreeDr

    do not call list

    Why do you ask?
  16. TreeDr

    do not call list

    call this number and register your phone, its good for five years. Cell phones are now vulnerable. 1-888-382-1222
  17. TreeDr

    Rig Lines melt

    get rid of it.
  18. TreeDr

    finance charges?

    Spray PAY ME on his front lawn with Roundup in the middle of the night. He'll get the picture
  19. TreeDr

    ITTC in St. Louis...and the winner is...

    Just a quick question,....I've seen alot of great competitors throughout the years. What does Strasser do differently that gets him a win every year? Just wondering. Thanks
  20. TreeDr

    Beef with brocolli

    xtra spicy....Mmmmmm