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  1. ROYCE

    Seacoast Tree Care is Hiring a Production Supervisor

    Just click on the website. All the info is there.
  2. ROYCE

    Stump Grinder bought a Brush Bandit 2550

    I would be curious to how it holds up. I was a super bandit fan....up until I bought some of there newer stuff. Just not as beefy as the old stuff. Brand new 19xp chipper is cracking all over the place on us. Bandit is not super quick at responding to the issues. We shall see where it goes...
  3. ROYCE

    Profit sharing

    That can all be avoided with a good salesman. If your having 5 crew leaders leave or get upset in a year and a half span...your problem is not the bonus structure. It sounds like your sales department is setting unrealistic expectations or not fully understudying what is involved with the job. I...
  4. ROYCE

    Chainsaw Vibration and Hand/Arm Health

    This is a major thing to be concerned about. I have not heard any major complaints in the last several years about this. But 1) That could be that people I work with are not cutting as much as you and 2) the saws have gotten better with the anti vibration they build into the saws. Years ago it...
  5. ROYCE

    Profit sharing

    Thank you! The belly laughs are the most important!!
  6. ROYCE

    Profit sharing

    Yes..that is correct. Its teamwork idea I try and press. That we can all achieve more, and do better when we all work together. There are times the bucket crew finishes early and then goes and helps the crane crew finish up a job if they are running behind. Teamwork makes the dream work!!
  7. ROYCE

    Renting a treemek for the first time the operator going to see the job first? I ask because I believe the knuckle boom cranes can not have their wheels off the ground. This is something to consider in where your going to position the crane. I mention his because as a salesman it is my job to determine how long a job will...
  8. ROYCE

    Profit sharing

    I disagree! On a pruning job in our organization we can make a lot more profit than the larger removal jobs. With a two person crew, bucket truck, chip truck and chipper your over-head is very low on that crew. Compare that to our crane crew consisting of crane, log tuck, chip truck and chipper...
  9. ROYCE

    Bandit 15XP Review (brand new)

    Lots of people are afraid of the Tier 4 diesels....I have yet to have a problem from any of them..and I have 3 of the in 3 different pieces equipment. Time will tell. Our is just so quiet and sips diesel all day long. We have had 0 problems. But I am still wondering about longevity. Longevity on...
  10. ROYCE

    Boom Truck insuance

    Boom Truck Crane will cost more....but should not cost a lot. Bucket truck will be very reasonable. I think I pay around 4500 a year to insure my entire fleet...and that consists of 5 being a crane that was bought new a few years ago. You have to shop around with insurance...
  11. ROYCE

    Bandit 15XP Review (brand new)

    Yikes...that is going to be costly!! Did it run the entire 6 hours? Or was it turned on and off?
  12. ROYCE

    Lease vs Finance equipment...Thoughts?

    This is some sound business advise! The lease verses purchasing option is one that you need to really consider. I have heard some explain it as throwing money out the regards to leasing. However, I think that for the right business model it might make a lot of sense. I have been a...
  13. ROYCE

    Advice on bucket truck

    I have this truck for sale! I just needed it to finish a large contracted job. We have been using it all winter. I need to get rid of it only because I can not have more than 5 trucks in our yard and I have to make room for some new stuff coming in. Let me know if your interested. I am pretty...
  14. ROYCE

    ARBOR WHERE? a.k.a "goodbye sherrill tree & arborwear"

    I was told that Arborwear always wanted to be an American made company. The business was started with humble beginnings and in a short time was becoming a major competitor in the market of quality clothes for not only Arborist's....but any working human who wanted to have clothes that could...
  15. ROYCE

    Epic VA Treemek Build

    Steve, Yes it is nice to have an LMI that reads exact numbers....but the more you use your crane the less you will be looking at that LMI. When I first started with the crane I looked at it all the I go almost entirely on feel. I still have the LMI for reference or a beep to let me...
  16. ROYCE

    Epic VA Treemek Build

    It takes time to get to know how the truck reacts to shifting. Soon it will be second nature and you'll do it without thinking. My log truck has to be wound right up and then it shifts into gear very easily. My crane is the opposite. You need to shift quick and not rev every gear. Down shifting...
  17. ROYCE

    Finance options

    I finance the larger jobs...if needed. I don't charge interest but do charge a set rate based on how much they want to finance. Usually we are so booked out that I receive a deposit the day they accept the job. Then I get another payment a month before I have even set foot on the...
  18. ROYCE

    Tri-State Forestry Equipment

    Joe Ward....what do you say about all this?
  19. ROYCE

    WTB: rear mount bucket truck

    We are looking into the lift for this spring as well. I want to pull it with my log truck. Then, the crane crew can get most all jobs done with just three pieces of equipment onsite. Crane, log truck with lift, chip tuck and chipper.
  20. ROYCE

    '06 gmc c5500 dying

    My 4500 did the same exact thing. It was low on coolant. The señor worked just fine, its just when the engine gets hot and starts to suck coolant form the reserves it was pulling it below the sensor by about a tablespoon. That sensor dosn't know it your a tablespoon low or a gallon.