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    Ring and ring with x rigging rings

    I'd like to make a retrievable ring and ring sling using x rigging rings. I've got a large ring and a medium ring which should work OK. I'd like to use 1/2 inch tenex tec. Can this be done with brummel splicing? I know how to do the second eye splice, but can it be done around a rigging ring...
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    Tree Stuff problem

    Anybody else try to buy from Tree Stuff in the last couple of days and not get free shipping for orders over $100? I'd like to know if it was a common problem or just a fluke. I'm not a conspiracy theorist, so I don't think it was offering 13% off but charging a minimum of 27% for shipping...
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    Brummel and lockstitch

    I made an ultra sling out of technora tec. Do I need to add lockstitching anywhere on it? All pockets are triple brummels. The splice around the x rigging ring is very tight but it hasn't been used yet.
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    Rope length for an Ultra Sling

    I want to make a 9 ft Ultra Sling from 5/8" Tenex Tec. How much rope do I need? Can I splice a couple of X Rigging Rings on the "loose ends"? I would use them doubled (side-by-side) to avoid an unbalanced load on just one side of the ultra sling.
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    Ultra sling length for smallish trees?

    I'm just starting to graduate to rigging down pieces of trees. Most of the trees I deal with are dead ash, and most are less than 24" DBH. I just picked up a rigging block and a portawrap. I do most of my tree work by myself. I also picked up a whoopie sling (5/8"), and have some Tenex Tec to...
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    I've never climbed or felled/trimmed a linden tree, but was spooked by what I recently saw from a silver maple. Thought I'd better checked with folks who are in the know before I start playing in/working on some linden trees. There's a beautiful mature woods nearby that has a mix of lindens and...
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    Can this tree be made "healthy"?

    I've got a nice specimen maple in my yard that's got some problems. The stem on the west seems to be pulling away from the stem on the east, exposing some included bark. The bark above the union has split and the interior is starting to rot. (right hand photo) The stem on the east also has...
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    Quick pruning question

    I need to help out a relative. He's got a white birch tree that's got a limb hanging over stuff that needs more sunlight. I've never worked on a white birch, so I'm looking for advice. The limb is about a 3 inch branch coming from a 10 inch diameter stem. It's in central Wisconsin. Any issues...
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    I'm not very good at tree ID and need help.

    A friend wants some help with this tree and I want to know what I'm dealing with before I get there. All I have to go on are these photos.
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    Comment on my plan

    I have several situations like the one shown in the sketch. For this one I could just drop the fence and drop the mostly dead boxelder from the ground, but I want to climb it and make the planned cut mostly for practice for some of the other similar situations where I'm trying to protect...
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    White pines aren't white (or green)

    I have two white pines in my yard that have looked unhealthy since we bought the property 7 years ago. They're still there. The needles never get a normal-looking green color. They are always more yellowish than the other white pines we have. The ground around them has a very high water table...
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    White pines with wet feet

    I have two white pines in my yard that have looked unhealthy since we bought the property 7 years ago. They're still there. The needles never get a normal-looking green color. They are always more yellowish than the other white pines we have. The ground around them has a very high water table...
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    Small tree. I found a few of them mixed with Green Ash.

    I don't know what the leaves look like. They've been buried in buckthorn, red osier dogwood, and green ash (now mostly dead). Is it a good guy or bad guy? I also found what I'm pretty sure is a 4" diameter honey locust. It'll take some effort to keep the surrounding ash trees from damaging it...
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    I started trying to splice about a month ago. Why didn't you guys warn me that it's addicting? I keep trying to find more/different rope to splice, and trying different splices. Of course I only do this when it's dark or pouring rain, which is about half the time right now.
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    Climbing an extra few feet

    Right now I'm mostly felling ash trees (EAB). I climb SRT and cut limbs as I climb, then want to top the tree (usually the top 20 feet or so). Most of the time I don't need to rig the tops. My tie-in point is usually the top-most division of the main trunk where the size of the trunk still...
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    Just noticed this little guy.

    The tree in the pictures was hidden in brush and tall weeds until I started clearing out around the corner of my fence this winter. I've never seen it in leaf, but it's definitely the only one of its kind in my 2 acres of woods. It's in SE Wisconsin very close to a small creek. Most of the...
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    Spiking up a heavy leaner

    I've got a few box elders that need removal. They have grown into a pretty strong arc to reach more sunlight. The trees are about 8-10" ABH, and are arcing over a fence. The trunks are pretty rotted, and threaten the fence if they fall on their own. I've taken one down already by using climbing...
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    Cow hitch vs two half-hitches for rigging

    I've seen a cow hitch recommended for attaching a rigging rope to a tree. What's the advantage of a cow hitch over two half hitches? Is the cow hitch easier to untie after dynamic loading? Coming from a sailing background, I often tie a cow hitch through the grommet of the clew of the jib sail...
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    Cambium / Friction Saver necessary?

    I'm a newbie (sort of) and have mostly been climbing to do removals on my own property. I have only climbed SRT, and since the tree is coming down anyway I haven't used a friction saver. I've been climbing only ash trees (recently dead or dying from EAB), but would like to do some pruning of...
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    Green Ash trunk degradation

    My green ash trees have been hit hard by the emerald ash borer. Most have died within the last six months. I live in Wisconsin. Anybody have a guess about how long it will be OK for me to climb them? Some (50?) need to come down from the top, and I need to know how long I have to get them down...