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    Info on sea kelp microinjection?

    I killed a tree doing that about 25 years ago. A burr oak - not very healthy - but it fried it. I didn't use that much. I was doing one of my crazy experiments. I'm not sure what benefit it could possibly provide.
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    Its not cheap. But not super expensive. It takes a long time though. We hope to have it by 2009. It is considered a pesticide, but since it is so low tox - it makes it easier.
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    We are now registering in Canada - should be there in a year or two.
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    For the record.......

    While I know it is a great thing to save a couple of dollars and smart as a businessman to do so. There are other factors that need to be considered. What is the company doing for the industry? Are they doing research? Are they developing anything new or innovative that helps you? Are they...
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    spray co. vs. tree co.

    Yea - we had to interview a number of people and we wrote standards they had to follow to do our work. We would always hear from the customer if there was an issue. worked for a few years anyways
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    spray co. vs. tree co.

    In the early years at our company, I found two pruning companies who where run by owners that seemed to have integrity and care about doing good work and taking care of he customer. I gave them the jobs and they gave me 15%. It worked out great for a few years. It was some easy money and it...
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    Sorry - I have not looked at this for a while. The answer is that we have tested on trees all over the US. Minnesota is our home - but we understand this is a material that is used everywhere. The east coast, Texas, Illinois, Colorado and Georgia have all had extensive use testing and...
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    Killing surface roots but not the tree

    Every solution for this tree is temporary. And there is nothing wrong with temporary. The tree will do what its gentics tell it to do. In some trees, roots tend to come to the surface because of compaction. And they will reproduce through root suckers if stressed. Another approach could be...
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    Looking for reliable Oak Wilt trenching co. ---

    Try Oak wilt specialists - they are in the vicinity of Austin.
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    Need imidacloprid micro-injection in CT

    Why don't you do this yourself using soil application?
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    sudden leaf drop on green ash

    Its a leaf fungus disease called ash anthracnose. Very common here on ash trees starting about 10 years ago. We get it every spring. Makes the phone ring off the hook for about a week. Nothing we have tried has worked in getting predictable protection
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    Elm and Oak

    Before you use Alamo for Dutch elm -read the research on the link below from Virginia Tech. Our company owns the rights to Alamo and our experience with Alamo was not very favorable for dutch elm disease. The trees lived for 1 year and then many died. This was in the late 1990's when it was...
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    Aphids on ash trees.

    My Guess is that it is not an insect causing the problem. Did you have freeze injury this year??
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    Sometimes the effects of the Cambistat will not help a tree in decline depending on the cause. Cambistat changes the tree in very specific ways. If the cause is herbicides, girdling roots, poisoning, or other trauma - it won't help. Also as reminder to people, there is not only a new rate...
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    Application frequency of onyx for elm bark beetle

    Re: Application frequency of onyx for elm bark bee I read a research project somewhere a few years ago about spraying insecticide in the branches to protect from DED from the Elm Bark Beetle. It said that even using a bucket truck and thoroughly covering the tree, that only 50% coverage could...
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    Merit 75 WP Prices

    Call Rainbow Scientific for Xytect WSP or 2F - it is identicle to Merit but costs 25% less.
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    Unlike most tools used in arboriculture, Cambistat needs to be dosed exactly. Small trees and sensitive trees can have too much material applied very easily. If the rate chart is followed exactly - you won't have trees that look like broccoli. Unfortunately small trees that are more sensitive...
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    It is registered by the EPA so it does require governmental regulation. We are considering registering in Canada, but are concerned that the costs are too great for that market size. Time will tell - sorry
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    Who has a website?

    We have found that our website is generating a ton of business. We use it in our advertising. Web sites are surprisingly easy to build yourself these days and there are a lot of independent small time programmers who will do it inexpensively. is the address if you...
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    It is being used by some, but not as much as you might think. I recommend coming up with your own marketing name for the process to differentiate yourself. I have some ideas and won't say them here, But you can call me and we can talk. Denver is behind many areas of the country in using...