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  1. dylanclimbs

    Looking for a 990xp Bandit with winch

    I find myself in the market for a 12" Bandit with a winch. PM for my #. Bandit or comparable brands, not vermeer.
  2. dylanclimbs

    Small Crimson King Reduction

    All cuts to nodes/laterals, I swears it!
  3. dylanclimbs

    The Man Who Planted Trees: David Milarch

    The Man Who Planted Trees: Lost Groves, Champion Trees, and an Urgent Plan to Save the Planet A great book if anyone has the time, or inclination. Here is David Milarch's Tedx Talk... And here is the link to the book...
  4. dylanclimbs

    A discussion...

    [ QUOTE ] Nature is messy and chaotic. I don't subscribe to "mother nature knows best". Our environment is an ongoing experiment in survival. Left alone trees on an individual basis are not necessarily the best judge of their own needs. Take a walk through a forest to see just how many...
  5. dylanclimbs

    Performance of a 100 Year-Old Tree

    I'm reading a book by Callum Coates, called Living Energies. Excellent read, and I've unearthed a great little tidbit I thought you fellow tree folk might appreciate. The following was formulated by a man called Walter Schauberger in the 1970's. During the course of its life, this 100 year old...
  6. dylanclimbs

    Empire of the Beetle

    A great read... Anyone else read it? Or have interesting thoughts to share regarding the unprecedented scale (so far as we know) of the beetle outbreaks in western NA? The book covers mainly Dendroctonus ponderosae, its startling impact on the...
  7. dylanclimbs

    Siberian elm EWR/deadwood.

    Some of what I've been up to. Pruning a decent sib. elm on lakefront property. This one is spared in my crusade against the weed tree. Previously topped so I made EWR on every sprout and reduced some limbs over the house. The lakeside limbs I pretty much just deadwooded, as the HO's like to sit...
  8. dylanclimbs

    Pine TD

    Hey all, Morning job went faster than I thought, so we took advantage of a wind-free day to get the top off this pine. Guy I sub for low limbed it, I cut a path for an uncontrolled speedline, and knocked the top out to about 30' above the tearout. I will feel better about zipping out the...
  9. dylanclimbs

    Pine Killing!

    Felled one, topped and limbed the other to reduce backweight, pulled it with a tailhold and a pickup for MA(right outta the murph playbook).
  10. dylanclimbs

    Leopards fight in tree! Wow!! I was watching UrbanTC's ash removal(well done btw)and couldn't resist this one!
  11. dylanclimbs

    Pine limb removals

    We removed several low limbs overhanging a roof on a mature ponderosa pine today. Nothing fancy, just some simple rigging. The collar was not! Close one though. I tried to show the groundman breaking the limb loose, but wasn't quick...
  12. dylanclimbs

    Happy 1st National Tree Day, Canada!

    Happy 1st National Tree Day, Canada! I know there is an Arbor Day in most states, but Sept. 21, 2011 was declared to be Canada's first National Tree Day. Pretty exciting...right? We donated and planted a small Tartarian maple at a local elementary school today. Here's some info...
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    Check it out. Could be a revolutionary tool for those without a similar software program in place. Even for a small business, I think it would be a great program. Just check it out.
  14. dylanclimbs

    Couple vids of me and my oldest having some fun

    A nice red oak near our place was the setting for some rope filled fun today... I used two slings in lieu of an approved kids saddle...
  15. dylanclimbs

    BC Arbos Are Now Tradesmen!

    A first in BC, trade status for arborists. The designation is 'Arborist Technician' and is still pretty fresh. The link to the house splains it better, and shows the fancy card I received in the mail. Pretty cool.
  16. dylanclimbs

    Thought I'd share this with ya'll

    Thought I\'d share this with ya\'ll On our second job of the day, we had a pine to clear off service and deadwood, and a medium honey locust to remove a hanger from. I grabbed the throwline and my gear and went to the backyard to ascend, get the hanger and then come down. Hit my target union...
  17. dylanclimbs

    Looking for Forestry Unit and Stumpgrinder or Mini

    Cotter's Tree Service (My employer) is looking to buy a newer forestry unit (06 or better) and a newer stumpgrinder with low hours in the near future. We will be considering a mini/ramrod (with stumper attachment would be REAL nice) as well. Please PM me if you have, or know of anything...
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    check it out... im not ashamed to say it gave me goosebumps
  19. dylanclimbs

    Nutmeg For DED!??!

    Anyone else read the latest Tree Service Canada issue? In it they talk about a nutmeg oil based fungicide that has proven successful in treating not only DED but many other fungal woes. It was a cool article, I'll see if I can get a hold of it to post it up here tommorrow.
  20. dylanclimbs

    arborist report - templates??

    I was wondering what styles you all use when preparing a report on the condition of a tree for the owner of that tree. I have limited experience with writing reports, but I am currently engaged in one for a client. Any suggestions, links advice would be much appreciated.