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    Multi-Stemmed Red Maples ... Safe to prune smaller stem?

    Hi guys, So got a good look at these today (which are all over the place). They are multi stemmed red maples. I want to remove two stems (4" & 6" stems) as they are ugly and not doing much for the bunch as a whole. One of them looks like it may even have die back up top... I am probably over...
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    Red Pine - What is going on?

    Hello Everyone, Have a customer who has some red pines growing on the property. Two of them got taken out a couple weeks ago because thery were 100% dead, no needles at all and insect damage to trunks. Pictured is one that has been brown since the beginning of Spring but I am not sure how it...
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    Beginner’s Help

    Hello All, I am having trouble climbing pines / spruce / etc. with spikes and feeling confident doing it. I was climbing a pine on lanyard / spurs the other day and did not feel comfortable at all. Do you guys usually get a TIP going when performing pine removals? What is the best way to go...
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    First Chipper - Won't Start

    Hello all, I recently purchased a 1988 Morbark Eeeger Beever Model 200 Wood Chipper. It was run by a municipality in its prior years. I am not familiar with these chippers or one this old as I have only ran smaller, newer gas chippers in the past. I am embarrassed because it could be the...