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  1. Phil

    Rescued a cat

    I've missed 3 days of work with strep throat. Finally feel like I've made some good recovery progress but I've been cooped up in my apt. Got a call from the boss with an odd issue. Cat stuck in a tree and needs rescued. Apparently it's been in the tree for a few days. Loaded my gear and found...
  2. Phil

    Odd knots

    I'm looking for people to share some lesser known knots they've found useful in this line of work and what application they were used for. I didn't make a comprehensive list of what I consider to be well known but I think most of us here have a good idea of what those are. Bowlines, alpine...
  3. Phil

    Cast Quickie link edges and use

    They make a milled and a cast version of the quickie link. The milled has more radiused edges and the cast, while not sharp, does have a bit of an edge feel to it's lines. I ended up buying the cast quickie links because they are $20. Hard to argue with that price. Once I got it, I did one climb...
  4. Phil

    branch to the face - tough to watch

    This is tough to watch. There is a short follow up video of this guy's injury while at the hospital. He survived but the follow up video just shows a hole in his face where his mouth and nose used to be. It will be a long recovery.
  5. Phil

    Zip line rope selection

    I'm sure this has been discussed somewhere here before but I've searched the threads and haven't come up with anything too detailed. I'm going to put together a recreational zipline and am looking for input on the best rope based on durability basically. After some research I'm leaning towards...
  6. Phil

    Wanted: CMI micro trolley

    Looking for a CMI micro trolley for a zip line.
  7. Phil

    Knots for joining two ropes for life support

    Long story short: had to join two ropes to get enough length to access a large walnut tree. SRS was the setup with the lower of the two lines being basal anchored to itself in a choked configuration. The ropes were joined by linking two bowlines with Yosemite tie offs. The bowlines were...
  8. Phil

    Bowline variation tied with a bight

    I often use a bowline variation (not a bowline on a bight) to make a midline attachment point to a tag line which I will hook a machine or winch line to for pulling. The pics show what I use. The working end of the rope is the leg at the top of the pics and would be attached to the top of the...
  9. Phil

    Hitch Hiker question

    I recently purchased a Ropetek Hitch Hiker 2 unit. My only real question is: How difficult is untying one of the stopper knots to remove the unit from the climb line at the end of the day? Is it tougher after climbing SRT than Ddrt? I like removing my friction hitch after my climbs to inspect...
  10. Phil

    Kids climb rope/hardware rigs

    Ok is the deal: We started doing these kids climbs where I work. We have had 5 so far this year and I'm pretty sure there is at least one more in the works. I'm trying to put together a rope/hardware setup that takes the strain out of hosting kids up a tree all day. We have been...
  11. Phil

    tracking employee certifications/re-ups

    Background: I work at a very large county forest preserve. We have hundreds of employees, loads of volunteers, and an endless rotation of interns coming through the doors. I want a better way to track everyone's training with info like: date they took the training, what the training was, when...
  12. Phil

    Chipper Winch Mod

    We do quite a bit of parking lot work and have come across a problem with our rope winch abrading against pavement while pulling limbs/logs to the chipper. The rope will become severed after a mere 5' drag with a medium sized log. I wanted to come up with a solution that would use a choker to...
  13. Phil

    Chainsaw training levels

    We (the gov. agency I work for) are toying with the idea of establishing an in-house training system which would designate employees/volunteers as either Feller A/B/C or sawyer A/B/C...or something similar, based on their skill level with a chainsaw. This is mostly for volunteers who assist in...
  14. Phil

    Plastic Hook for Chipper Winch

    Does anyone know of the existence of a heavy duty plastic/composite i.e. non metal lifting hook for use on a chipper winch?
  15. Phil

    WTB Gecko American Tree Gaffs

    I'm looking to buy the American Tree Gaffs for the Gecko spikes. If you have a set sitting around I will buy them for the right price. By "right price" I mean around $30. I know they are close to $100 new, but that price is cray cray.
  16. Phil

    Stihl MS 362 issues?

    I have brand new MS 362 at work. I've been using it for about 6 months. I am having issues with it being hard to start after running for an hour or so. It starts normal in the morning and as the day goes on, it wont stay running on subsequent starts. I'm talking if it runs, I shut it off and...
  17. Phil


    Any body use these?
  18. Phil

    EHAP Power point

    I'm looking for an Electrical Hazard Awareness power point or a ppt that covers working near overhead conductors. I've found a few ppts online that cover some material, but none that are tree related. If I can't find one already made I will have to make one myself, but I know somewhere there...
  19. Phil

    Painting Gear/Hardware

    I am wanting to color code my gear to avoid mixing it up with others. Mainly I want to keep my carabiners under observation. I have access to plenty of neon orandge tree marking paint but not sure if it will stick. Any suggestions on what to use for this?
  20. Phil

    Crafting a log holderupper

    I am trying to create an easy and simple way to hold a 3' log upright so several notches can be attempted as practice for training purposes. Diameter or said log will be anywhere from 6" - 12". the pics show a basic concept that will be refined in the future....has anyone come up with a good...