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  1. chiselbit

    swing dutchman

    All the guys I have cut timber with call it a swinging Dutchman. Or a Dutchman. But never heard it called a swing Dutchman. And I agree with you Rico, it has no place in residential use. I’ve used it many hundreds of times in the woods, sometimes it works amazingly well, other times it doesn’t...
  2. chiselbit


    This is quite possibly the stupidest shit I have read. Your hypothetical logger doesn’t “take a chance “ because he knows better than to try stupid shit around a house.
  3. chiselbit

    New crane slings -- arbsession community project

    Those would be nice next time we’re doing a big potted plant removal job
  4. chiselbit

    New crane slings -- arbsession community project

    How’s it going you guys? Any updates?
  5. chiselbit

    Just bought the akimbo

    That is one of my 3 favorite ropes to use with the Akimbo. Xstatic. Km3 and km3 max.
  6. chiselbit

    Just bought the akimbo

    You are right. I just checked and wesspur no longer sells them
  7. chiselbit

    Just bought the akimbo
  8. chiselbit

    Floating Rigging Point?

    Pretty sure you have to upload it to YouTube and then post a link.
  9. chiselbit

    pat lacey

    Over on the ope forum they’re saying this guy got hurt. Asking that people subscribe to his channel to help him out.
  10. chiselbit

    pat lacey

    Around here we call that a swing cut. As opposed to a Dutchman where you cut a corner off. The sizwheel was the little notch under the face, which I call a draw notch.
  11. chiselbit

    I miss posting pictures on Treebuzz

    Worked for me too. First photo I’ve been able to post in a long time
  12. chiselbit

    Floating Rigging Point?

    This is what I do. Make sure your trees are suitable for the side load
  13. chiselbit

    Reputable used truck dealers?

    I’ve never bought anything from him, he’s on here, or at least has been. I’ve called him before and he was helpful when I asked questions regarding california smog laws.
  14. chiselbit

    Helmet Comms ?

    So has anyone tried the Sena 30k’s yet? I see them on sherrilltree. Very expensive
  15. chiselbit

    This is the Akimbo

    when I’m running it loose it will. Kinda depends on what I’m doing, if I’m doing end weight reduction and leaning into it a lot I’ll have it set tighter. Your question made me think, I guess I don’t notice it that much now but it probably happens a lot and just doesn’t bother me, I know it will...
  16. chiselbit

    This is the Akimbo

    Xstatic and km3 max for me. At 170. Km3 is good too
  17. chiselbit

    Is "wobbling" a tree down by cutting off short sections at a time a good plan?

    I was replying to the op. Didn’t see southsand’s post that came in while I was typing.
  18. chiselbit

    Is "wobbling" a tree down by cutting off short sections at a time a good plan?

    I do this often. With little trees in a thick stand, and I’m talking little, like 10”dbh or smaller. And Evo is absolutely correct, good way to smash your foot, or leg, or top of your head with a limb that’s suddenly down in your space.
  19. chiselbit

    Elbows and wrists

    What is the hooked tool for shoulders?
  20. chiselbit

    034 tank leaking through screw hole

    If you find a crack I’ve had good results using jb weld and a piece of screen to reinforce it. I’ve used old window screen, spark arrestor screen,,, rough up the plastic with sand paper, clean it and apply thin layer of jb weld, then screen, then more weld.