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    who here uses a throwline?

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] STOP BABYING RIGGS AND BAN HIM. -Tom [/ QUOTE ] Wake up and smell the coffee.. this is a good ol boys club... [/ QUOTE ] ^ The reason I will not be posting any longer. Good luck Bob/Rob.
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    who here uses a throwline?

    Good guy, bad guy? I'm the guy with the throw line.
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    who here uses a throwline?

    Yeah, really, Mac, I would take you much more seriously if Ash had a helmet with a mohawk. I'm off to hang myself with my throwline.
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    Cranes when you do not need them?

    We use our crane, if reasonable, on most/many jobs that could be roped out for the reason stated above, production. We can bang out 2 or 3 jobs in a day, where roping would take all day or most of it on one job. Granted, we own our crane. Big investment, though, and have to have the work to pay...
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    who here uses a throwline?

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    Worst Brush to Drag

    Ancient homeowner brush piles. Grown through with vines and prickers.
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    Lucas Tree Experts… Who has worked there?

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] We have our little slice of heaven. [/ QUOTE ] Wow.... With that cold weather??? Not me.... Too cold.. [/ QUOTE ] Meow!
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    Pfanner Protos SALE

    They should make them for llamas then, too. $10k is worth protecting.
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    who here uses a throwline?

    .....I use a throw line.
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    Pfanner Protos SALE

    Is that the spaceman helmet? Sorry, but for $300, it ought to fly me up the tree, shoot lasers at any incoming projectiles, and have a 6" chipper built in. No offense Nick....
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    who here uses a throwline?

    Don't say that. We'll be out a job before you know it. Mini chainsaw wielding squirrels working for peanuts.....yikes.
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    amsteel II crane spider legs.

    I can see quick ground removal being a plus, but are you using them to balance odd picks, or just spar/trunk picks? We mostly use various length slings with tenex/stable braid spider legs for balancers(slow removal on ground, but picks barely move when rigged right). I'm also concerned about...
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    amsteel II crane spider legs.

    PC, in your opinion, what is the advantage over synthetic slings?
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    amsteel II crane spider legs.

    Ah gotcha. I was going to say, we run 3/8 for moving wood around the yard and i know it's, like you said, good for 8k or so maybe more. For tree picks though, I'd rather run synthetics....getting smacked in the face with them is a little better than the chain. It does look like a pretty cool rig...
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    amsteel II crane spider legs.

    I dunno, if I was going to use chains I think I'd want something beefier. Rated at 4500lbs, most of our picks are getting a little to close for comfort for that. I like the idea though, just wondering why they aren't rated higher?
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    Happy New Year

    With the unsettling political climate these days, why not buy a gun? I can't get enough of them. I really want one of those air powered throwball guns.....Remember Bixler, clean-up is 90% of the job. ;)
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    ISA Marketing is terrible,

    They are probably too busy counting beans and figuring out how to pay themselves more than improving arboriculture or industry standards. The few ISA certified around my neck of the woods are a joke. ISA is a racket, a name you pay for. Police your members instead of just collecting there money...
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    whose from Connecticut or Rhode Island?

    Southern RI here, we're based out of Newport.
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    Manitex, Seattle Elm

    Maybe that was why they didn't use the bucket to rig. :D
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    9/16 rigging rope ????