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    24 strand Ring & Ring Friction Saver Pros & Cons

    Ok so on a long swing during a removal I put my spur right through my 200' Imori climb line right at 47'. needless to say that having completely cut through a number strands I opted to cut the rope and splice a new eye and now have another 150' climbing line and a nice new 47' hank to use or...
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    Safest and best sap remover for your climbing rope

    Wrecked a Spruce today that had sap running down so bad it looked like a giant candle! My rope, hitch, and lanyard are nasty. Thanks in advance Scrat
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    Best Scissors for Vectran (8mm Beeline)

    All I would appreciate your input on the best scissors for cutting Vectran, I use 8mm Beeline for eye to eye friction hitches, and the other ropes we splice. Make and model with your thoughts would really be helpful. Thanks a lot in advance Scrat
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    What ear protection are you using with your Kask?

    I have a Kask Plasma helmet and I am currently using the orange Peltor cans from one of my other helmets. They seem to fit amd seal poorly. I find they also sit on the helmets headband reducing their effectiveness. what cans are you using and what pros and cons have you found? as far as plugs go...
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    Help with this conifer

    Sorry for the poor picture but can you I.D. this? sent to me by a friend. also small 1" cones. Thanks
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    SRT Secret Weapon Question

    Ok I have a simple question- when working double rope off SRT it is generally shown with a prussik and pulley tied to the SRT (access line) with a stopper knot below it (butterfly knot) then your duoble rope is run off the pulley. Is there a specific reason the double rope set up is not just run...
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    Help Serious Health Reaction

    Hi all, I am posting this here figuring you could help me. There is a white powdery mold or fungus that grows in wood chip piles that have been sitting about a week. Can you tell me what it is? If I breathe it in I have a severe respiratory reaction.Has this happened to anyone else and what did...
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    Have you seen one of these?

    Anyone seen one of these or used one. It is used to hang your chainsaw from your saddle on your back. Guess it is European as this guy is french. saw it in a few video clips and it looks like it works real well. Input on use or where to get one would be helpful. Thanks