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    Anybody have a Rayco rg super 50 they would sell?

    As the title says, anyone have a Rayco super 50 they’d entertain selling? Thanks. Jeff in n.j.
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    Looking for a complete winch for a bandit 1890

    Jeff in nj. Anyone have a winch setup for a bandit 1890 they would sell. Thanks
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    Looking for swinger loader or implemax grapple

    Does anyone have a swinger loader or implemax grapple they would like to sell? Jeff in New Jersey
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    Rayco rg80 gas grinder

    Has anyone used the new rayco gas powered rg80 grinder? Was wondering how it is. Thanks. Jeff
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    Mini platform in front of truck

    Has anyone ever put a platform in front of a chipper truck or seen it done? Lawn trucks have them for the motorized spreaders. I would like to fabricate one that is detachable for a mini that weighs 1,800-2,800 pounds. I’m just trying to keep a short wheelbase on the chipper truck build. Those...
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    Looking for Carlton wheeled 7015 or rayco rg90 or 70

    looking for wheeled Carlton 7015 or rayco rg90 or 70. $17,000-28,000. Thanks. Jeff