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  1. Nathan

    Dynamic cabling

    Howdy tree folk! I am curious what is out there for dynamic cabling? From which vendors? I am NOT a fan of cobra. Really what I am looking for is this stuff as I have installed miles of it but can't find it in the US. It doesn't have the shock absorbers like cobra or the hassles that...
  2. Nathan

    Utility Death - Austin
  3. Nathan

    New Jersey

    I am in New Jersey for the month of July. Near Philadelphia. Nice place, but there is one word I was happily ignorant of before coming here......."jughandle" What do you people have against left turns? Or selling beer in grocery stares and gas stations? Just a vent. Beautiful trees here. Nate
  4. Nathan

    Climber Needed in Munich!

    Contract climber needed for daily work or at least committment to 2 days a week. Must have certifications. SKT B Mainly city contracts big trees, central Munich. This is a pseudo-employment situation I am leaving to go chase other rainbows (in America). This situation has treated me good...
  5. Nathan

    Rec - Climbing pics!

    I can't be the only one who climbs just for fun 1st pic, half way up a E. regnans in the Otways, Victoria - Australia. True Aussie rental car below, Holden Commodore
  6. Nathan

    Augsburger Baumpflegetage

    I couldn't help but to see Tom's name on the list! Any short preview of what to expect?
  7. Nathan

    German TCC

    Beddes took the title again. It was quite a master's challenge - 30 minutes I am sure Mark B can give better details than I can. Some great climbs and some tough luck climbs.
  8. Nathan

    Climbing saw attachment??

    Always looking for a better way. I currently use the bungee from Fresco. I feel as though the saw hanging below so far slows things a bit. Thilo mentioned to me a year ago that Strasser carries his saw a different way on his belt. Anybody have any suggestions? (pics are nice) Here is a...
  9. Nathan

    Swedish TCC

    Thilo hasn't been around in a while. I googled last years TCC but couldn't find 2005. It was in May last year and this year I will be in Sweden in May. Thought I could catch up to it...... Anyone know the story?? The TxTCC????
  10. Nathan

    German TCC Sept 2004

    Results were courtesy of
  11. Nathan

    Anyone train?

    Just a bump and curious. Anyone lift or run to keep in top climbing shape?
  12. Nathan


    Any input on this new goodie
  13. Nathan

    Augsburger Baumpflegetage

    Augsburger Baumpflegetage This is a good convention to hit if you can make it. Some really good speakers.
  14. Nathan


    Back to my favorite subject, footwear. I have a case of the too many regulations blues. I can whine or simply ask for recommendations for chainsaw proof/safety boots. Especially from the Euro crowd. The only ones I have laid hands on are the Haix Climbers Ok boots but heavy. Keep in mind...
  15. Nathan


    Anyone going to this or have any input from past experience with it or current involvement? I will be attending but mainly because I will be in Munich during this time frame for business reasons. Here is a link that has been run through babblefish...