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  1. matdand

    Autofeed issues

    Did you check the magnetic pickup probe (gigidy)?
  2. matdand

    Burnout, sell or hire Gm?

    2m a year with 20 employees? Gross?
  3. matdand

    Piece of equipment you should have bought years ago??

    That makes more sense. I had only ever used the white and blue one. My knife guy noticed it the first time I brought him my knives after using it.
  4. matdand

    Piece of equipment you should have bought years ago??

    I was told by multiple people that those knife touch up things weren't that great. They create a double bevel when chipper knives should only have one. This creates the need to remove more material the next time the knives are sharpened.
  5. matdand

    Chip Stove for floor heat systems

    Ok, so I didn't want to derail your sales thread, so I'm going to ask away here. I believe you addressed the fumes from the pile of chips in another thread, but I'm gonna ask again. Are you not worried about them in an enclosed space? What about the heat generated by the pile? Would stock...
  6. matdand

    Conifer chip stove and conveyor for sale

    Interesting! How much chips do you burn in a winter?
  7. matdand

    Route Planning for Quotes

    I think Jobber has this feature. I've never used it, but I'm pretty sure it's there. You can also add multiple destinations in google maps.
  8. matdand

    Selling debris in bulk

    Have you ever done this in your market? I was thinking of trying to sell bulk wood in containers, like 20-30-40 yards. Nothing cut up or split, just straight from our truck, into a container then when it's full, off it goes. Was thinking of offering hardwood at a premium cost and then a...
  9. matdand

    Looking for small kboom

    That's a decent price for that size of a crane. I'm assuming it has a 5th and 6th function, correct? Remote? Year?
  10. matdand

    Chip guards for Carlton 7015

    I would call Carlton directly, they are good to deal with.
  11. matdand

    Looking for small kboom

    If anyone has a lead: looking for a small kboom (30-40 feet), preferably that is ready for a grapple, preferably unmounted, preferably with a remote (but I can live with a top seat). Or a chip truck with a removable top and a small kboom mid-mount. Thanks!
  12. matdand


    Is the price firm or can you add some sort of waiver? Like :'' An on-site assessment must be completed before accepting the bid.''
  13. matdand

    Trouble with Up Equips 87-48

    I do believe this lift is a newer design. I have had the 60 foot lift for 4 years now and have had little down time. I know of a member here that has the 70 and is happy with it as well. The guys at Up have always been good to me, even answering on a Sunday once to help me troubleshoot. I've...
  14. matdand

    Grapple saw in Ontario

    Thanks Deevo!
  15. matdand

    Grapple saw in Ontario

    Who's running a grapple saw on a kboom in Ontario, or eastern Canadia? I'd like to see one in action.
  16. matdand

    Yanmar diesels

    Has anyone logged enough hours on a Yanmar 37hp or 44hp with the regen mode to give solid feedback? Sounds like a pain but wondering if the extra hp is worth it. Looking at DW 1050 and 1550. Cheers!
  17. matdand

    Grapple/hooklift build

    That is nice! What was the quote for the build? I wonder if they could do that with a smaller kboom?
  18. matdand

    Winch rope

    The winch isn't that powerful and it's never recoiled in a dangerous way after breaking. The rope just gets abused cause, well, it's much easier to use the winch than anything else. It had a shitty half inch line when it came from the dealer, so I don't think it's a huge concern. But I get...
  19. matdand

    Winch rope

    That's what I'm probably gonna do next time. Might even use some older rigging lines we have.