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    That stump looks as big as any I've ever dug by hand. I kinda like the challenge. So far I've never rented a stump grinder (only worked on my own trees and next door). If they're bigger than that one I just cut 'em at ground level and let them rot on their own.
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    Time Spent Amongst Trees Is Never Time Wasted!

    My wife thinks it's very risky when I climb trees. I usually tell her it's very risky for my soul if I don't. She also sometimes feels trees are "the other woman" in my life. Who told her?
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    Throw line

    I made a "floppy bend" by just removing about 18 inches of core from the end of my climbing line. I have a semi-permanent loop in the end of my throw line. I girth hitch it to either the ring on the throw bag or the floppy part of the end of my climbing line. It works well for tight unions. If a...
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    Tree failure, while I was climbing it.

    Good thought. The pull-apart strength is much stronger than the resistance to sliding apart.
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    Candidate for preservation?

    Don't kill MY Norway maples. After EAB and buckthorn, most of what I have left in my woods are Norways and boxelders. Most of my maples are pretty healthy considering the damage done by nearby limbfalls from dead Green Ash and BEs.
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    Is "wobbling" a tree down by cutting off short sections at a time a good plan?

    I've done what SST suggests above many times with EAB-killed ash trees. Works great.
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    tree splits below climber while climber tops tree

    I deal with a lot of Boxelders that have grown almost horizontal for a stretch to find more sunlight. As a relative beginner, I assume these have a large potential to barberchair. I try to not climb them for removals, cutting with my feet on the ground. Am I right to avoid climbing and cutting...
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    Marlow's Viper Cord and Other Cover Only Flexible Splices

    Would the continuous loop be made by using a double brummel with both tails buried? Could that technique be used for a prussik loop?
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    Marlow's Viper Cord and Other Cover Only Flexible Splices

    Should I leave the core or remove the core for the buried section?
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    Marlow's Viper Cord and Other Cover Only Flexible Splices

    It's got an 8 strand cover.
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    Marlow's Viper Cord and Other Cover Only Flexible Splices

    I think I got this from Richard a while ago. Is it Viper? How do you do an eye splice with it? The core seem very small and tightly braided.
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    Why do you climb trees for recreation?

    We don't have any old growth forests near me, but there are a few small patches of second growth forest. The closest one has lots of nice big oaks (about 150 years old) with very little undergrowth and very few lower limbs. I love climbing a little above the first few limbs and sitting there...
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    When using half's/marl's before a cow or bolan, why not just use an O-ring at that junction instead?

    What you are describing is basically a technique I use to break small cord (and even some hefty monofilament) bare handed. Make a bight in the cord, hold it in your palm, run the bitter end through the bight and double back. Pull out the slack then give it a sharp jerk and the cord "cuts itslf"...
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    Throw line

    I also sweat the rope on the pw and get good tension for lighter loads. It can be very effective and much quicker than anything else. For heavier loads use the other suggestions.
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    Ring and ring with x rigging rings

    Great suggestion. Sometimes the obvious isn't. Here's a photo of the medium ring. I've read that the numbers refer to the diameter of the hole and the diameter of the groove. I thought the diameter of the groove meant the maximum diameter of the rope that goes around the ring. If this is true...
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    Ring and ring with x rigging rings

    Interesting. I thought the Notch #2 x rigging ring was designed for 1/2 inch. I know the buried tail needs to be lockstitched, but was wondering what to do at the ring end of the throat to help keep the rope in the groove of the ring if I can't get the eye tight enough. Thanks for the input.
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    Ring and ring with x rigging rings

    I'd like to make a retrievable ring and ring sling using x rigging rings. I've got a large ring and a medium ring which should work OK. I'd like to use 1/2 inch tenex tec. Can this be done with brummel splicing? I know how to do the second eye splice, but can it be done around a rigging ring...
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    Beach action Barbados

    That's my plan for this evening. :sisi:
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    Tree Stuff problem

    They caught it as a mistake, I assume? Credited you for the cost of shipping. That's good. I was hoping it was a computer glitch rather than being devious. Good customer service to credit your card.
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    Tree Stuff problem

    I cancelled the order and bought the same stuff from Gap and got 2 day shipping for free.