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  1. Birdyman88

    Polyamide Paint Roller Cover

    I wanted to post this because of all the discussion of the rope materials we use. I thought it was interesting how those fibers enhance other trades like painting Growing up in a family painting biz, I've been slapping paint for over 40 years and have used many different roller covers over the...
  2. Birdyman88

    Ported 362c vs Brand New Stock 462c

    I got to run both yesterday side by side with 20" Stihl bars and RS chain. It was toss up, with maybe a slight nod to the 362. The 362 had a little weight advantage. But, the 462 was brand spankin' new. The guys who were running the 462 kept bogging it. The only time that 362 bogged was when a...
  3. Birdyman88

    I Figured Out My Uneasiness Climbing

    Okay, I don't want to overplay any climbing fear here. To the casual observer, and even to my groundie, I probably look perfectly at ease and have no issues accessing even difficult parts of the tree. I may not be the fastest climber out there, but I also try to measure myself against a higher...
  4. Birdyman88

    Looking at Mini Skid Steer - Opinions?

    I think I want a used one to start with. I will be doing my own maintenance. I want tracked. 500 lb load capacity is sufficient for now, but I will take 1,000 if the deal is right. I have worked with Toro Dingo's and have no complaints. 1) Any brands you prefer or don't prefer? 2) Any models...
  5. Birdyman88

    Got A Saw That Won't Prime with Bulb, And You've Tried Everything... Try PB Blaster

    I have a 193T that, like other people, gave me fits when it was new. The main problem was with the idle, and stalling with throttle. I wrote in another post about how a timing advance and muffler mod saved that saw. However, I had a problem since day 1 that has persisted and never been solved...
  6. Birdyman88

    Scored a Mint 661cm

    Drove 200 miles down Alabama to make the deal, but it was worth it. It was in mint condition. Guy bought it for disaster relief but kept grabbing a smaller saw so this one saw very little wood. So this guy, really nice fellow, tried to give me an older Stihl catalog. I politely declined. But he...
  7. Birdyman88

    Groundie Boot Recommendations

    I know there's lots of discussion about climbing boots out here, but what about safety toe boots for the ground man? I seen a number of brands being used, and the only complaints I ever heard or had myself were usually because of how they felt. i.e., break in time, boot height, insole, or...
  8. Birdyman88

    How Would You Handle This?

    I knocked on door yesterday to inquire about removing a dead poplar. Before it was over, they took me over to a large oak that had lost a large limb 2 years before and wanted to discuss options. Tree had a large cavity left from damage and the tree had virtually no weight on the side where the...
  9. Birdyman88

    Would You Remove The Smaller Trees?

    Shagbark Hickory trees next to a small cemetery in urban setting. Each of the small trees limbs are obviously interfering with the adjacent two trees. Lower limbs of large tree are just into the upper canopy of smaller trees. Prune or remove?
  10. Birdyman88

    Chain Pitch/Gauge - Let's Have Some Fun

    I have a question for all of you, but first let me give you the base assumptions: 1) The chain is 20" loop and of the same model (say Stihl RM) 2) The sprocket is 7 tooth 3) The guide bars are of the exact same design Okay the task ... rank the following chains in order of MOST to LEAST effort...
  11. Birdyman88

    Post Oak Leaf?

  12. Birdyman88

    Bulge On Cherrybark Oak

    Okay, anyone want to speculate on what this bulge may be? This is an old Cherrybark Oak, about 130ft tall, 4.6' DBH. The bulge is located about 6' above the ground. There are raised areas from old barbed wire lower on the trunk, but they aren't anywhere close to being this size. The tree has...
  13. Birdyman88

    NE Safety Blue in Single Rope Applications?

    Greetings everyone. I've been reading TreeBuzz for a long time and have learned a heck of a lot out here. So I finally got to my first post. Been climbing for over a year and have gotten fairly proficient at it. First the background (since I'm a newbie to the boards) ... I've been Ddrt the...