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    Interesting news article

    Trees are cool...........
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    I am finally famous like Mark "The Punk" Chisholm!

    I am finally famous like Mark \"The Punk\" Chisholm! The business of tree business.
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    Hawaii Vacation In December

    I am thinking of going to Hawaii next week, any suggestions on where to go/stay?
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    Hockey Hockey Hockey

    Welcome back NHL! All the teams in the league lace them up tonight...............yahoooooooo!
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    Help please...........

    A couple of weeks ago one of my staff broke a single pain of glass on a large 3 pain window at a clients house while stump grinding. When I spoke with the client I said that I would have the window repaired. She said that she would call the company that installed the window in the first place, I...
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    New homemade log splitter

    What do ya boys think?
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    I hope these babies make it to market or maybe it's just another scam..............hmmmmm? Firestorm Interview with the inventor
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    Subarctic Arborists!

    I just got back from a working trip in the subarctic and thought that I would share some pics of the trip. We had to reduce the height of almost 1000 trees for the local airport authority. The navigation controls of an airplane can get a false reading if a structure is too tall within a certain...
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    Rabbit prob

    My yard is located at a tree nursery and so far this year we have lost over 50 trees to rabbits.........there are over 80 of them. We have tried everything to get rid of the creatures. Nothing has worked! I think that I have found the solution...........a hired gun.........what do you guys...
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    Tree Chairs

    Maybe this guy is onto something...........
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    Mako caught on the coast @ Kitimat B.C.

    This Mako was hooked in the mouth, only fought slightly for 15 minutes, came up along side of the boat to have a look, long enough for one of the crew to put a rope around it tail !!! That's when the poop hit the fan!! The Shark took off towing the 42 foot fishing boat backwards through the...
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    For the fisherman who has everything

    Very cool little personal water craft!
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    No Contest!

    Total Domination...............Team Canada!
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    Hobbies and Other Interests

    Here is one of mine. Can you guess what's inside?
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    Find me a picture game

    Find me a picture game: The Rules Are Simple.............If you guys are up to it..........all you have to do is find a picture that the above poster wants.... The pic must match the person above you (within reason) and once they get can request a pic yourself..........let's keep it...
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    Birthday Thread!

    Mark, Hope year #34 is a good one!
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    Tough one
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    Broken toe

    Broke a large toe today! Snowing and cold today so steel toe boots were in the closet.......maybe a good thing. Roping down trunk wood and my toes got slammed by a large piece of wood. All because a groundman didn't let a rope run! I asked him why and his reply was, I briefly glanced at the...
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    50ft Reach-All aeriel lift questions

    Does anyone have any experience with Reach-all aerial lifts? If so, are they still in biz, are they a good machine................ I just bought one (50ft), subject to inspection of course, and I want to know any info that you guys may have!
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    Prairie Chapter T.C.C. 2004

    The Prairie Chapter T.C.C. will be held August 21-22,2004 in Medicine Hat, Alberta. This is the first year that we will have a 2 day format. 17 men and 2 women are registered for the competition this year. For more info contact Laurie Newsham at 403-994-1052.