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  1. Mark De La Cruz

    What Size Climbing Rope Do You Prefer

    My SRT, DRT and lanyard are all 11 mm. It's time to replace my ropes. I like the idea of going to 11.7 mm rope but haven't made up my mind yet. I know the 11.7mm line is easier on the hands but my thinking is bigger termination knots which need a little bit more crotch if your going to pull them...
  2. Mark De La Cruz

    Did You Know That Goats Can Climb Trees

    Check out these goats in Morocco! Its unbelievable!!!!
  3. Mark De La Cruz

    Wise Critter Gives Climbing Advice

    Looky........Looky.......... I was making my way out on a branch and caught this little guy watching me as I advanced out on the limb within just feet of him. He was sitting there with his brother........or sister. His advice to me was don't throw your lanyard up around my branch that I'm on...
  4. Mark De La Cruz

    Laurel Oak Secreting Honeydew

    Cars that park under this tree have many spots of honeydew all over them. The Grand Laurel Oak shades the drive way and street in front of the residence. This is the fourth year during the spring/summer that this has been a issue. I climb up into to the canopy for a visual inspection expecting...
  5. Mark De La Cruz

    Live Oak Bark Can Be Challenging To Climb

    I haven't climbed a Live Oak with old growth bark on it for a quite some time. Many branches were mossed up and the bark breaks off under my feet and hand holds real easy like when trying to go out on the branches. "Bark rash forearms for me today". lol All I can say is, I was really on my A...