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  1. climbhightree

    Member of this site stuck on a cruise ship.

    Just spreading the word to hopefully get them some help. @LiTreeService
  2. climbhightree

    My knuckleboom hooklift mecanil sg160 build

    The build up/fabrication should be starting on this project soon, so I figured I'd start this thread on it. I should be able to post a fair amount of pictures of the process, hopefully, since the crane shop is about 20 minutes away. Unfortunately the crane was only shipped out from Italy on...
  3. climbhightree

    (Sold) Knuckle boom truck for sale (Fassi F270a.23) Reduced to $62,500

    I'm selling my 2003 Freightliner Fl112 with a Fassi F270a.23 knuckleboom crane Please visit here for more pictures and contact info. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A...
  4. climbhightree

    Plastic cribbing...any one use it?

    I was looking into getting mats (instead of plywood) and stumbled upon composite/plastic cribbing. Does anyone here use them? Thoughts and opinions on them? Made by turtle plastic and/or checkers safety group. Dura crib Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
  5. climbhightree

    WTCW TX and woman-friendly saddle

    Hi! I am hacking my husband's account for this post ;). For the last five years I have been part of my husband's buiness on the office-end of things (returning calls/e-mails, scheduling, invoicing/bookkeeping, etc.), and often will go with him for proposal appointments, etc. This past summer...
  6. climbhightree

    Job Opportunity in Lebanon, PA

    We are seeking to immediately fill a position of a full-time climber or laborer interested in the tree field who aspires to be a climber. Must have a strong work ethic and a willingness to learn new techniques - we will train the right person. For more information direct message, e-mail...
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    Palm tree in Sarasota FL help (pictures inside)

    I'm a certified arborist in Pennsylvania, but I don't know the trees and diseases/treatments down here. My parent's place here has a palm tree that is dying and has fungi at the base. The local extension office said it was Ganoderma Butt Rot of Palms, and there is no treatment...and will...
  8. climbhightree

    International 4300 "super singles"?

    With my setup I rarely venture on lawn, but sometimes you have no choice. I'm finding that the stock tires on an international 4300 are murderous to lawns...mostly ruts. Has anyone put on wider front tires and/or super singles on the rear (in place of duallies)? If so how effective are...
  9. climbhightree

    Tie-in fail

    Yesterday morning my employee (and main climber) fell 45-55' when the branch he was tied into failed. Thankfully he survived it with only a fracture in his leg, right below the knee. We actually thought it was just a sprain, but took him in to get checked out for internal bleeding etc. I was...
  10. climbhightree

    Bucket fails and kills ground guy

    Developing story in my area CAMP HILL, Pa. (WHTM) – An employee of a tree trimming company was killed when a bucket boom on a truck malfunctioned, according to the Cumberland County coroner. The employee has been identifed as...
  11. climbhightree

    Equipment maintenance log/schedule spreadsheet?

    I am planning to hire a HS kid to start doing simple maintenance to my equipment (grease, oil change, filters wash and clean). I plan on going through my manuals to get the hours/time things should be done, and I want to set up a simple checklist for him to see what is needed, and what he did...
  12. climbhightree

    Poly level...any thoughts on tree applications with this.?

    To me this seems it may have some application for hollow trees (adding support, filling voids, keeping out moisture, and probably wouldn't damage saw if later removed). Just seems more durable and structural then normal window foam. But blowing the tree apart may be a problem.
  13. climbhightree

    Comparing mini skid specs (Vermeer, Ditch Witch, Toro, Boxer, Bobcat, Avant)

    I was looking around the internet at the different mini specs and decided to throw them all on here. Vermeer 800tx and 725tx Vermeer 650tx Vermeer 600tx Ditch Witch 755 Ditch Witch 850 Toro 525 Boxer 532 Bobcat MT55 Avant 420
  14. climbhightree

    Girdling roots is it worth it for this tree?

    Homeowner wants to save the 25 year old Red Maple . The tips have just started dying back on I assumed it wouldn't be to bad. Here is what I found after a brief shot from the air spade.
  15. climbhightree

    We dismantled 2 Sycamores with a crane (got one on video)

    I had the Gopro setup for the smaller one. No thrills or editing just 3-4 hours of work sped up to fit into an 6 min video
  16. climbhightree

    Do you give a discount if you take the wood?

    I went to estimate a large Pin oak removal this evening. After the lady showed me the tree, I asked if she wants the larger wood removed. She replied, well yeah cause doesn't that make the price cheaper? I was like no, it makes the price cost more, I told her I have to put more time on the...
  17. climbhightree

    Removing dead wood from an Elm.

    We worked on this tree yesterday, and I decided to setup the camera.
  18. climbhightree

    Know anything about these? Mini skid smooth tracks

    My tracks on my Vermeer 650tx are about to break...has one large crack, and just lost a metal link. Plus the tread is about gone, after a year and a half. I've been planning on getting Prowler diamond tracks But today while searching the web I cam across these by Vermeer here is full...
  19. climbhightree

    First GoPro video

    I got a gopro last night, so I thought it only fitting to have the first video being of the mini...definitely one of the best purchases I've made. Saves the body, and saves a lot of work. Just a quick video showing it lifting a 889 lbs log...roughly Vermeer 650tx with a BMG
  20. climbhightree

    Topping growth versus Natural growth (Pictures)

    As a company we don't do topping work. When people call for this type of work, I will explain that this is something we do not do. And I tell them I am willing to come out to look at their tree, and give them other options. Most times I am able to meet with them and find out their concerns etc...