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  1. Fairfield

    The things ya come across during the day.

    Amongst other creatures, I came across these guys today.... one does not belong.
  2. Fairfield

    So.... Now where are we?

    So back in 07 I made a post about starting a business MySpace page to market to my customers and future customers. I have to say I got the responce that at the time I thought I would had got from it with the "Bad idea" type remarks. Not that it changed my mind to not do it. In the end I recall...
  3. Fairfield

    Black Lady Beetle on HWA

    Has anyone used this treatment plan for any of their HWA treatments? How have you found it to work?
  4. Fairfield

    Best study material for IPM and PHC is........?

    Looking to hear what guys/gals that have been down the road of IPM/PHC have found to be the best material worth studying for the tests and what not was for them ( besides the obvious of getting out there and doing it with someone). Thanks in advance.
  5. Fairfield

    Mountain Laurel question

    what insect would cause the golden ooze to come out of the main stem of the Mountail Laurel? I do realize it is a secondary problem ( the insect) but never the less still want to know what you all have found. Thanks
  6. Fairfield

    Arborist Consultants and Your Thoughts

    If you have or still do run an Arborist consulting business for an upscale residential area, has it been worth the time to dollar value? & What were some of your unforeseen challenges you ended up facing over the time you have been doing it? Mind you it does not have to be your full time...
  7. Fairfield

    Climber in Bucks County PA Looking

    Anyone in Bucks County Pa in need of an extra climber for the weekends. I normally have nothing going on during the weekends and can be of help if needed. Thanks in advance!
  8. Fairfield

    What is this insect on this Young Red Maple?

    found the shell of this insect on a Red Maple in North East Pennsylvania the other day. It seemed to either attach itself to the tree or was feeding through the bark. Some more observations: the Red Maple is in a large office complex parking lot, it is a stressed tree with what looks to be a...
  9. Fairfield

    Cert Arb Question

    For all the Certified Arborists here. What has been different or better for you in your career since obtaining the cert? Please save me on the self pride stuff. I have a large stack of " Paper pride" that collects dust and is never asked for or cared about or even known what to do with by...
  10. Fairfield

    ROPED Magazine

    First issue of ROPED Magazine. I will be building upon this magazine as time goes on in each issue to bring interesting stories and adventures from other climbers in the work field. It will be heavy most likely on Arb world but will also have stories from Industrial and Rescue also, as I feel...
  11. Fairfield

    ROPED Magazine

    I am psyched to say that I will begin publishing a photo story magazine for climbers that work on rope! It will tell the stories through awesome photography while also having stories of climbs, jobs and adventures written by climbers like you. Think of it as Thrasher Skate magazine meets Rock...
  12. Fairfield

    ITCC 2017 Photos

    Hey everyone, I put the ITCC Gallery up on my website for you all to checkout if you are interested. Link below. Stay Safe climbers!
  13. Fairfield

    Climbing Art

    hi all, does anyone here know of a climber that is also a solid artist who happens to draw or paint climbing art? I am working on a project that would be great to involve them. Thanks in advance.
  14. Fairfield

    From The Makers of Arb Climber Magazine

    I wanted to pass this on to the climbers/construction guys and gals here. It is not Arb related but is made by the folks at Arb Climber Magazine. They have a few other magazines they put out along side Arb Climber. This is an E-Mag edition...
  15. Fairfield

    Some Rope Access training I filmed this past week with a bridge inspection company

    Full video will be out soon that I was contracted to make for the company having the training. Bridge is the Rip Van Winkle Bridge in Catskill NY.
  16. Fairfield

    Out With Alpine Tree Specialist Slaying with the New 83ft HD Spider Lift on a Crane Removal

    This Spider is a beast for getting into some tight spots, and I am not even nearly close to being a Spider Lift person, but hell I would give it a go with these Ash trees dying all over the area!!
  17. Fairfield

    Business Competition In The North East of The States

    If you are doing business in the tree care world in the North East of America you find yourself in the most heavily populated area of tree care in the country. Hell, it seems where I am in Bucks County I can spit out my front door and hit at least 5 tree guys.... ( "tree guys" used loosely)...
  18. Fairfield

    Backyard 50 Ton Crane Removal

    Spent the day filming Stocker Tree Service and Lift Techs Crane Service as they removed a SweetGum and a Silver Maple from the backyard of the customers house. The Silver had a large crack in a main crotch and the Gum was annoying the customer being so close to the house. Low winds made for...
  19. Fairfield

    Slaying a Beech Tree That Broke Out

    I had the pleasure of being out to film Stocker Tree Service in Langhorne Pa today. A Large Beech that had a large section of included bark failed and fell onto the driveway. A bit of high winds made it a bit of a pain with the drone but got it done just the same on my end with the filming...
  20. Fairfield

    Updated My Website

    I up dated my website to start phasing out photography that is not climbing related. Keeping in mins that I still need to keep the door open to local family photo type work for the moment until I am 100 % ish just climbing world work. Let me know your thoughts. I am sure I will be twerking it...