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  1. RGus

    Poor Planning

    I saw this on the news this evening. Tree Removals Its sad to hear that all street trees in the downtown area, I think it was 12 blocks, has to be removed. I understand having to fix planning problems from the past, but to plant trees in the same areas creating the same problem the next...
  2. RGus

    Pests vs Fert

    If you were treating a tree for pest management (mites, leaf miners, or whatever) would you recommend fertilizing the tree too? If the tree is stressed from insect damage, some fert could give it a needed boost. Or would you think... Fertilizing the tree would give it lush green foliage which...
  3. RGus

    MN TREE Fund Event

    The MSA is hosting "Bowling Night" a fundraiser for the TREE Fund on Sunday February 12th at Park Tavern in St. Louis Park! Come out to Park Tavern for an evening of bowling, pizza, networking, and fun with fellow arborists, tree care advisors, gardeners, and anyone who admires trees. The...
  4. RGus

    Another Potential Invasive Pest

    A near miss with this one, it was found by customs. But it wouldn't suprise me if this beetle is already here somewhere and hasnt been detected yet. Asian beetle found by customs
  5. RGus

    Best Tree Music Video

    I bet you all will enjoy this one, plus the music is pretty good too. Langhorne Slim
  6. RGus

    Barn Movers

    Its pretty amazing what people can acomplish when they work together! Barn Moving Farmers
  7. RGus

    Your recommendation?

    I came across this young tree while doing an inventory, and it got me wondering what others would recommend. This is a small 2" DBH silver maple, that has two leaders and already has some included bark. If you are on a sales call and this tree is growing near your clients house. Would you...
  8. RGus

    'Shoe Tree" Chopped Down

    \'Shoe Tree\" Chopped Down The world's largest shoe tree -- located along U.S. 50 in Nevada about 125 miles east of Reno -- was callously chopped down by vandals. And last summer, a well-known shoe tree in Idaho burned to the ground. Article on Shoe Tree
  9. RGus

    Unabomber land for sale

    Anyone looking for a secluded piece of property out west? News Article Listing
  10. RGus

    If your dad doesn't have a beard

    If your dad doesn\'t have a beard You have to moms. The Beards
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    This is a pretty cool scientific finding, but seems pretty impractical to me. sTreetlights "Street lights are an important part of our urban infrastructure — they light our way home and make the roads safe at night. But what if we could create natural street lights that don’t need...
  12. RGus


    An article about a Brooklyn man who has been destroying trees in his neighborhood. They caught him and he is being charged with Arborcide! Arborcide
  13. RGus


    I have hit sort of a plataue in my current postion, and there isnt much oppertunity to advance further in the position. My manager has said that in order to increase my oppertunity for advancement I need to relocate. My fiance and I are both ok with moving, but it needs to be the right...
  14. RGus

    Urban Lumber

    I came across this article in the paper about a company, Wood From the Hood, in Minneapolis that uses urban trees and mills them into flooring, cabinets, furniture, or pretty much anything else. Pretty cool operation. Wood From the Hood I am sure any of you buzzers from Minnesota that were...
  15. RGus

    Western MA

    I am working in Amherst, MA for a couple of weeks, and I am looking for stuff to do on the weekends. I am out here by myself, so the weekends can get kinda boring. Can anyone suggest any day hikes or good brewery tours? I have never been up to Vermont, so I am planning on driving up there...
  16. RGus

    Old tree falls

    I was watching the news this afternoon and saw this story. There is nothing too special about this story, and luckily no one was hurt. I did get a little chuckle out of the last statement of the story. "They said it appeared the tree fell because it was old." Old Tree Ryan
  17. RGus

    Break a Bat, Plant a Tree

    Just another reason why the Minnesota Twins are so awesome! They plan to plant 100 trees for every bat broken by a Twins pitcher. "The Twins claim that on average, a team breaks one bat every game. That would result in 16,200 new trees planted on Minnesota state parks and trails as a result of...
  18. RGus

    Another big tree moved

    Here is another news piece about a couple big trees being moved. Big Tree Move There was a post a few weeks ago where they claimed to do a world record move. According to the video on this page Davey holds a few different tree moving records.
  19. RGus

    Mulch vs turfgrass

    I am planning on putting mulch around the trees at my fiance's house this year. There is a mix between mature and medium aged trees. I dont plan on just mulching around the trunk, I will probably have a 5-10 foot ring of mulch around the trunk. The current ground cover under the trees is...
  20. RGus

    Snow Vehicle

    I think everyone out on the East Coast could use one of these this year. Pretty cool idea, too bad it never took off. Snow Vehicle