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  1. Jeff

    Chipper knife failure

  2. Jeff

    Beer Beer Beer.

    Found a craft brew I can really get into. Best kraut I’ve ever had! Mild & sweet, paired it with some weisswust and a good brown mustard. Made in Wisconsin, never seen it before, but going back tonight to get 5 more jars. Meant to get a photo for the Grub-a-dub thread, but inhaled all 3...
  3. Jeff

    Trying to choose a Stump Grinder

    Avoid anything that says "Carlton" on the side of it. Personally, I think any of the Rayco RG machines are hard to beat.
  4. Jeff

    Beer Beer Beer.

    Heard a lot of chatter on the radio lately about how it's coming back, as a limited release.
  5. Jeff

    Worker needed for Edwards Tree and Land Clearing Services, INC

    Not to be confused with Edward's Land Clearing and Tree Service of northern OH o_O
  6. Jeff

    Beer Beer Beer.

    Whatcha got there, son? (Slurring words) Jusss tea, occifer!
  7. Jeff

    How to get a tree to bounce back after accidental herbicide treatment?

    First off, locate the lawn care guys. Secondly,
  8. Jeff

    Food Thread

    Ok, here’s more for you Oakwilt. Bagels w/cream cheese and lox. Egg Hole-in-One. Peach juice. Coffee. But I took the photo a touch late, so some imagination necessary. :inocente:
  9. Jeff

    Life in the temperate zone...

    So, I see the Black Angus in the first photo, but where is the dog?
  10. Jeff

    Wood Chips, Central Ohio

    That’s why I always advocate volcano mulching. Looks really cool. I can pile it higher and steeper than any of my other land-scraper homies. :endesacuerdo:
  11. Jeff

    Food Thread

    It’s just like all the international coffees: Russian eggs (vodka) Irish eggs (whiskey) Jamaican eggs (rum) Greek eggs (ouzo).....
  12. Jeff

    Where do I find knowledge about climbing trees near electric lines?
  13. Jeff

    Food Thread

    When you beat the eggs, do you add milk? Add water instead - makes them lighter and fluffier.
  14. Jeff

    2016 Vermeer 725 Mini skid

    What's included attachment wise?
  15. Jeff

    Pictures of your chipper truck, lets see them!

    At least originally, they were saying it wasn't rated to dump logs, only chips, which took away a lot of the pluses of it. I believe they have since changed that, but don't quote me.
  16. Jeff

    Beer Beer Beer.

    I've never once met a 3 legged dog that wasn't truly happy. Like, I could've had 4 and been dead, but I've got 3, I'm here and I'm grateful every day sort of happy!
  17. Jeff

    What's in a name?

    Our navy unit was led by Lt. Boatwright, and our dentist was Dr. Pulley (no thanks, just want a cleaning!)
  18. Jeff

    Gehl 540 vs Whacker Neuson wl30

    Good eye, Dan! I think those tires are the best of both worlds. Yes, we have tipped ours, but the cab survived with truly only minimal damage.
  19. Jeff

    Gehl 540 vs Whacker Neuson wl30

    Around 1,000, if I recall correctly. We bought it used as a 2 year old machine with only 103 hours on it. Landscaper used it only for loading mulch at the yard.
  20. Jeff

    Gehl 540 vs Whacker Neuson wl30

    See how the amber strobe on the back of the cab is rotated down to the rear rather than up on top of the cab? That's to reduce the height enough to fit it in a conex box where it gets locked up sometimes. Other than that, no height issues what-so-ever. No, I sure wouldn't want to remove any of...