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  1. treegongfu

    Treestuff's New Website

    It seems to me that the new site is about data collection.
  2. treegongfu

    FS: Akimbo or trade for Green Rope Runner

    I have a green roperunner I would trade for it. I'm in Canada.
  3. treegongfu

    Saved by the lanyard

    I was adjusting my climbing line about 10 feet up and my feet slipped of a large icy limb. I lost my composure and ended up upside down hanging from lanyard, but unharmed.
  4. treegongfu

    A Festivus for the Rest of Us

    JeffGu, that looks like a picture taken atthe lesbian bookstore.
  5. treegongfu

    what is model of rope is better to use with zigzag and chicane?

    I've been using Yale 11.7s and they are superb. Today I used Tangent which is the orange version of samson voyager 11.8. It was perfect too. They are a little difficult to feed into the zigzag so a thicker rope would make that even more difficult. It is a superb device.!
  6. treegongfu

    Fu*%face Von Clownstick

    BeerGeek, I'm Canadian and i am in total agreement with you. Very well said. I hope Trump resists the low hanging fruit and doesn't start a war. If he does they will sing his praises.
  7. treegongfu

    Dump trailer holding up to logs?

    I haven't had a problem with exception of smashed tail lights.
  8. treegongfu

    The latest Matt Cornell harness

    I expect it to be named the Valiant and have an ancient symbol on it
  9. treegongfu

    The latest Matt Cornell harness

    That is an important question. Maybe Rico can be one of the dirty dozen.
  10. treegongfu

    The latest Matt Cornell harness

    I saw it. Thanks for posting. I am happy to see politics hasn't ended this. And as I said I'm going to buy one as soon as I can.
  11. treegongfu

    The latest Matt Cornell harness

    I want one!
  12. treegongfu

    It appears I don't need to tie my base anchor...

    I got the names mixed up. I meant vortex.
  13. treegongfu

    It appears I don't need to tie my base anchor...

    I think it is a thinner version of samson velocity.
  14. treegongfu

    Yale Prism

    Taper your cover before pulling it through.
  15. treegongfu

    Saw this ad. Thoughts?

    I don't think it had anything to do with race. It did have a class aspect to it though. It felt like if I lived in a rich area I could swing my children from a tire swing with a crappy rope and nobody would complain. If anybody did the police and the quasi-governmental child protection service...
  16. treegongfu

    Branch Manager Grapple.

    That looks slick. How much is it?
  17. treegongfu

    Saw this ad. Thoughts?

    Someone called the police on me for pulling my children up a tree. Child protective services did an investigation into my ethnicity and education level and contacted the family doctor. They tried to make me promise not to do it again,which I didn't, but they pretended I did and closed the...
  18. treegongfu

    No longer looking

    I just use a bench grinder to break the chain. You only need the spinner in my opinion.
  19. treegongfu

    ISC Response to RAPEX filing concerning the Rope Wrench

    The alert sounds frivolous and possibly malicious.
  20. treegongfu

    When you see the Petzl Chicane

    I look forward to seeing it.