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  1. treegongfu

    Ditch Witch SK500 too small?

    Has anyone used an sk500 for tree work? Or does anyone have an opinion of its suitability? Thanks in advance. Gavin
  2. treegongfu

    Beware the Ground Climbers

    Chunking up a 5' diameter ash trunk I got crushed up against a chainlink fence causing a tibia compression fracture. I'm now in for knee surgery and a good case senario of a three month recovery time. This moment of impatience in a rush to finish the job is going to cost me and my family. As...
  3. treegongfu

    RockO Side Load Damage

    Climbing on the bdb and my rockO suffered damage. Prior to noticing the damage it seems the nano swivel escaped the capture wire and it got side loaded. I think that is what caused the damage but I didn't notice it immediately. I just thought I shld let everybody know this happened.
  4. treegongfu

    Pfanner Canada

    After ordering pfanner ventilation chainsaw pants and boots from tree stuff I finally found a Canadian distributor. With the atrocious exchange rate and US $125.00 tax and custom fees plusUS $50.00 shipping this would have been a better buy. Here is the link:
  5. treegongfu

    Potential Cheap Tree Winch

    I'm thinking of using a Greenfield sky winch as a tree lifting device. Just wondering if anyone has an opinion on its suitability and offering it up as a potential tree attachable lifting device at a much lower price. It appears to grab the rope in the same manner as the masdam rope puller...