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  1. TallTreeClimber

    My gatepost tree fell down in a storm yesterday. I need some removal ideas.

    This leaning scrub pine was what my gate was attached to. It fell over and I need to cut it up. It looks pretty dangerous and I didn't immediately know how to handle it, so I thought I'd reach out to you folks and get some ideas. I do have a 7500lb tractor with a grapple as well as a full...
  2. TallTreeClimber

    What do you hate spending money on the most?

    For me, it was throw bags. I just couldn't stand buying throw bags. I've bought two though so far so I'm good now but I'll spend ridiculous money on all kinds of climbing gear but I hated buying throw bags.
  3. TallTreeClimber

    I found the poison ivy/oak solution.

    So, I've searched high and low, scouring the internet, and have finally found the solution to poison ivy infection. I didn't find the actual solution on the net though. I just learned the mechanism and then deduced the solution. Where ever you have contacted the oil, simply douse the area with...
  4. TallTreeClimber

    What is this branching phenomenon I see in this tree? Long stringers in Walnut branch tips.

    I have seen these in a few spots at the ends of branches on a walnut tree of mine. What is this called? What is the tree doing? They look like no other branches on the tree. I've seen it high on the tree and ive seen it low. A sprig here or there. No consistency. I've been up and close to it...
  5. TallTreeClimber

    Who wants to talk about the differences in these Rope Runners with me? And some awesome hard to find goodies!

    I picked up this other Rope Runner hardly used from our friend @oldfart at a killer deal, thanks again! I've noticed right away several key differences from the one I bought several months ago. Blue Orange Roller bearing pulley? Shallow groove Bushing pulley? Deep groove painted blue...
  6. TallTreeClimber

    SOLD First $40 gets this CMI right foot ascender shipped to you!

    Barely used, I put epoxy on the ends of the straps to try and keep the fraying down. Paypal preferred. Lower 48 only for $40. Anywhere else I'll have to look at shipping costs.
  7. TallTreeClimber

    Bull Rigging a broke back pine out of my Walnut tree-and restoring it.

    We bought this property last April and a neighbors virginia pine was broke off into our tree. I wanted to share a before and after picture and time lapse video to document this process. Here is the tree when we bought the property in May 2018. It's practically suffocated by wild rose bushes...
  8. TallTreeClimber

    Basic question about natural crotch rigging, new rope and lowering a 500lb-ish piece of pine trunk...

    If I preload my rope so that there is no shock loading, and lower down a 500lb piece of pine trunk, will my samson stable braid be burned if I use a natural crotch to preload, and then lower? Assume I make my rope movements slowly, and I can't use a pulley. Does it depend on the bark? The other...
  9. TallTreeClimber

    Notch Rapid rig spliced onto Samson rope opposite way that I expected.

    So I read all the reviews, watched the videos, considered the viewpoints and decided that I wanted a Notch Rapid Rig spliced onto my Samson stable braid 150' for 20% off from Treestuff. When I got it, it was spliced opposite from any and every video and picture that I've ever seen it. From the...
  10. TallTreeClimber

    Due to rope milking issues...two splices by accident...come in and educate me...

    I ordered an Samson Velocity rope 90' because I needed a rope that long. I ordered it with one rope splice, it came with two. Now the warning from Samson is; Due to rope milking issues, Samson does not recommend having two splices put on this rope. Now I'd hate to waste this splice by having...
  11. TallTreeClimber

    How many days a week do you climb?

    Post it up gents!
  12. TallTreeClimber

    Gri gri for lanyard! I think I figured out a safe way to do this!

    Okay, I think I understand why grigri use as a hip d ring lanyard wasn't/isn't safe to use, and I think that this mitigates the dangers... Using a larger rope than recommended, such as a 11.7 or 12mm causes the grigri to jam up a little so that rope doesn't pay through the device without...
  13. TallTreeClimber

    What in the heck is this oozing out of my walnut?

    I assume a lot of those holes are woodpecker holes.
  14. TallTreeClimber

    Rules or guidelines used for setting your ropes in trees.

    I watched a guy on youtube fall out of a tree and break his pelvis. You guys prolly know who I'm talking about. He thought the limb would hold. He never showed what limb broke, so we were left wondering. I've seen others use the "at least as big as your own thigh" rule. To me, that's overly...
  15. TallTreeClimber

    Should this be cut back to the collar a little more? Pruning question.

    I cut this dead branch a couple months ago and my natural inclination is to cut it flush with the top of the collar and even an inch into the collar to stimulate growth. I haven't done this because I don't know if my inclination is correct or not. I would appreciate some words on the matter...
  16. TallTreeClimber

    Walnut tree with weird limb/branch coming out of a hollow center...

    This walnut had a dead limb coming from it's hollow center. Here are rounds of the limb and tree (wet) for comparison: Is this the same thing? Are they both walnut? How could this grow like this?
  17. TallTreeClimber

    Would anyone (paging Mr. Mumford) want to test some cheap rope that I bought online?

    I bought 600' of 1/2" polyester rope online. I bought it from Continental Western Corporation and it says it is rated 7425lbs. I have my doubts. How much of it would you need to test? I plan on using it for getting up and down a long steep hill, and for some light rigging on a pine tree that...
  18. TallTreeClimber

    Bought some dirty Amsteel. Silver in color. Is something wrong?

    Bought some of this from an Amazon vendor by the foot and it's all covered in black dirty spots. I contacted the vender and they said that's how all the silver Amsteel from Samson looks. Am I the only one who thinks this is odd?
  19. TallTreeClimber

    Recommended me the most cost effective guide-line rope for steep inclines....

    I might not have said that right, but I have some property with some really steep hills that are covered with leaves that you could never walk or hike up without getting down on all fours or using some climbing tools. I'd like to install a rope up top and run it down the hill and use it with an...
  20. TallTreeClimber

    50' Tupelo in the back yard with a strong lean, 2' diameter base, is this cause for concern?

    I climbed it once, and then I read where it may be of a concern to climb a tree with a lean. I had never thought of it being a concern, but being new to climbing and such, I would like to solicit opinions please. The lean is heavy. At the tie off from the top (I'm srt so I have a basal anchor...