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    Insure us Was expecting a lot from reform but guess the obstructionists have some investments that are more important than the people they serve.
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    More trees = less psychopaths Good material to cite when pushing planting programs that extend our vocational potential in times of tighter wallets. I've been struggling between bidding on municiple contracts for treatments/removals or finding a good transplanting/spade truck.
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    Pearl Harbor Day

    Our National Museum of the Pacific War is hosting an ex-president tomorrow along with an air-reinactment of the raid out at the airfield. It's always a sight to have Mitzubishi Zero's and Corsiar fighters buzzing the skies around the county, the Confederate Air Force puts on one remarkable show...
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    Cougar...not as bad as I....

    Saw one for list (which seemed cheap) at Sherrills, what the heck - bought it. You know what? I really like it except the bridge kind of gives me pause. Anyone use them and ever tried to rig a beefier bridge to it? Course I'm a ten-ply tire kind of guy, weight and bulk suit me.
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    Weekend accomplished:

    After years of near misses, meeting Tom D and Tim W was an honor and more so, they travelled out here instead of my going somewhere else. Climbing up to the top of Enchanted Rock, our discussions of reality and outlooks towards the future, we covered a lot of turf...figuratively and...
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    Day 48 of 100 degrees or over

    1880 was when the Weather Bureau (pre-NWS) started recording daily temps in San Antonio. We've set all-time highs this year. Being I broke-out the passenger and driver's windows in my truck and procrastinate getting them replaced (haven't had any rain anyway), the house is also not...
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    Blueprint for business changes

    Release under little fanfare due to the major stories on North Korea, Iranian elections, and David Letterman, this multi-agency report details the summation of collected data and points to what results from changes we can expect or already have happened. Released yesterday...
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    We Shall Remain

    Last night's American Experience (PBS) episode of We Shall Remain was pretty good I thought. Next Monday, the 27th, is the Trail of Tears segment. My wife is the narrator and interviewee. They all watched it at the Red Earth Summit in Chattanooga this weekend and thought it was pretty accurate...
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    More interesting info after the coup ended Oops.
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    do-it-yourself part 1
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    Infestations in New Zealand

    A Christchurch shopping mall announced this morning they're starting a program to control the sizable 'mallrat' playing Barry Manilow music on the sound system. United State's Department of Defense studies proved the effectiveness of this in American malls that employed similar...
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    GOP Commies, quick get duct tape!

    ABC's Meet The Press, yesterday. "This idea of nationalizing banks is not comfortable," said Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC). "But we've got so many toxic assets spread throughout the banking and financial community, throughout the world, that we're going to have to do something that no one ever...
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    Changes The mechanism of change is efficient, way too. What used to be bargaining points allowing nations (except the U.S.)to emit more industrial spew, are now considered spew themselves. [I fixed the link...TD]
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    Slipping clutch

    With looming and greater questions regarding the economy and planned futures requiring some adjustments, does anyone feel like you're stuck in neutral gear? (Or have I had too much time to think about it?) Reasons I ask, one element is my daughter turned-down a seemingly great opportunity out...
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    Weekend accomplishments - Dec. 20-something

    Late last night, called the grocery store manager hours after he closed shop to meet me at his loading dock for what Del Monte sells in one(1) gallon cans of tomato juice. Bought four(4) of 'em. Payed a premium too and drove both ways in my pajamies, wearing Sorels (30-degrees outside). What...
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    Austin/San Antonio equipment request

    Need a 75'(+) WH bucket for 1 day 70-80 miles west of metros. Great compensation, good music and even better food for any day starting now thru to mid-February.
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    Every thread below this one is unacceptable.

    What's the deal with the last couple weeks? What's happening out there w/ people getting mangled and killed so much lately? Is it just the reports being reported or has some kind of collective consciousness taken hold that reduces human numbers in subtle unrecognizable ways due to economic and...
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    Xmass trees

    As an arborist, it's an issue. As a husband and father, it's a no-brainer. Yet I relented again, brought home an imported tree from distant Oregon, a barter deal from a nurseryman. She's obviously the severed top of a much finer tree, showing slight mutational growth from chemically intensive...
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    Stihl catalogue

    Noticed in a later Stihl brochure that they post a historical time-line of chainsaw, like the history of the Willy's Jeep. But they got the 020 wrong, about twenty years off. I ran 2 020's in 1982 and had a friend who bought one in the 70's. What's that all about? Mark?
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    The new Messiah? Don't remember reading anywhere he/she had to be a human.