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  1. Jeff

    Massive drill bit

    I spotted this ship auger bit in a client's yard last week. 2" in diameter, something over 5' long. She found it at a garage sale for $5, thought it was cool, and so painted in gold and stuck it in her yard as art. Still has a perfect screw tip and cutting edges on it. She said if she ever...
  2. Jeff

    Stupid homeowner questions

    What are some of the winners you've heard? Here's mine from today: Climbed and removed a previously topped ~20" red maple in a backyard. The retirement aged homeowners watched with great interest, but you could tell they were concerned we might scuff their threadbare lawn, damage something or...
  3. Jeff

    CTPA Meeting 1/19/17

    Any Buzzers planning on attending? I'll be there all day, lemme know. (Looking like an actual person, not in my Unabomber disguise.)
  4. Jeff

    Ultimate tree service vehicle

    Stumbled upon this last week while doing a tree job. Apparently back in the day this belonged to "The" tree guy in the area. Heavy duty ladder racks, built in milk crates for storage, and if your 088 goes down on a job, you can just borrow a piston and jug off it to get the saw running again.
  5. Jeff

    Inserting photos in a PM?

    Why isn't it as easy to insert/attach a photo to a PM as it is to a thread? When replying to a thread, the "Upload a File" button at the bottom makes it very easy to add a photo. But this option isn't present when replying to a PM. It seems that to add a photo to a PM I need to already have...
  6. Jeff

    How do you clean sticking carabiners?

    I use Petzl Am'd Ball Lock 'biners for all my life support needs, and after putting some miles on them, they start sticking. The gate swings shut and the barrel rotates most of the way, but not far enough for the green ball to pop up thru it's hole. Is this a dirt issue, or a lack of...
  7. Jeff

    Feed motor fell off chipper today

    I couldn't understand what the groundies meant: the bottom feed wheel hydraulic motor fell off. Huh? This is a Morbark M15R, and the motor bolts to the feed wheel shaft (not the chipper frame) and then just slips over a post on the chipper frame to hold it stationary while it turns the feed...
  8. Jeff

    Your best critter in a tree story

    The "Foreign Objects in the canopy" thread got me wondering: What's everyone's best animal in a tree story? Not the usual "the raccoon hissed at me" daily stuff, but more like Big Rig's golden shower and StihlMadd's stepping over a koala. Mine: We were working downtown, removing every tree in...
  9. Jeff

    You know those days....

    You know those days when climbing is GREAT! It may be a big tree, a hard climb or a long day, but you're totally convinced that you have the greatest job in the world and it's so satisfying that you would (almost) do it for free? And then, there are days like today, at the other end of the...