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  1. climbstihl

    Rust in carburetor?

    I just noticed rust in the area of the carb where the impulse line comes in. Is that something to be concerned about? It doesn't appear to be clogged because of that. I also noticed a small hole in the cover on the metering side. I'm not sure that's supposed to be there. The carb is a Walbro...
  2. climbstihl

    034 tank leaking through screw hole

    I discovered that a friends Stihl 034 AV gas tank is leaking through the bottom handlebar screw on the clutch side of the saw. I noticed it when I took the handle off for cleaning. Any ideas how this could've happened? I suppose the only option is to replace the whole tank, is that correct?
  3. climbstihl

    Stihl 026 Questions

    I just bought an 026, it ran fine at first, then it started getting problems and sometimes would not stay running, especially after some work. I retuned the carb (which is brand new), it worked a little while, then stated acting up again. So I decided to take the saw apart and clean it before...
  4. climbstihl

    Petzl Rollclip Z issue

    So I recently got a Rollclip Z, used it once, didn't notice any problems, but today I noticed that the pulley is rubbing on the frame of the biner, at the bottom of the spine side. You can hear it grinding, and I can see some wear marks on the sheave. Has anyone else had this issue?
  5. climbstihl

    Tenex Eye to Eye question

    So I tried my hand splicing an e2e from tenex tec, following the samson instructions, but now I have about 4" in the middle where there is no overlap. Two questions: What did I do wrong? Is it still safe to use? I know those abrupt changes lower the braking strength. I mainly wanted to use it...
  6. climbstihl

    New Edelrid Saddle?

    What's this? No info whatsoever, only this picture, my google efforts have not come up with anything either. Have any of you heard of this?
  7. climbstihl

    Poor mans lockjack

    I accidentally pressed back just before posting, and lost everything I wrote (which was a lot), so I'm going to do this in short form now. After seeing @TREEfool use an ATC with Rads, I decided to try it in MRS. Advantages: Lightweight, all mechanical, cheap, any rock climber would have one...
  8. climbstihl

    Impaled by branch

  9. climbstihl

    double alpine butterfly name?

    Does anyone know this knot and what is it called? I was shown this by a colleague.
  10. climbstihl

    Fungus and indentations on english walnut

    I have an english walnut tree (juglans regia) that I'm supposed to use to suspend a platform about 3 feet off the ground. I had noticed a lot of internal decay on a branch that I cut (1st picture,stub left to aid in hanging platform), and various indentations on the trunk and main limbs. After...
  11. climbstihl

    TM light out of production?

    I just went to an arborist store in the LA area (Bishop Company, I highly recommend it, very friendly staff). I tried on a TM evo, and when I asked for the S. Light, the one guy said they're out of production! The other guy was just puzzled they didn't have any... Anyway, is it really out of...
  12. climbstihl

    NAOM meetup

    Just found out that the NAOM are now in DC, and I'm in DC right now too. Will be swinging by tomorrow, I would really like to meet a couple of you folks there. Let me know where to meet. Any tips for specific events and vendors to check out are appreciated.
  13. climbstihl

    Tree ID

    What type of tree is this? We're having a discussion here, we think it might be some some kind of eucalytus, but we're not sure. Sorry, I don't have more pictures.
  14. climbstihl

    swivel/ rigging plate option for petzl bridge

    I've been thinking about getting the petzl adjustable bridge, but I would like to have somethink like a cmi california swivel on there. Do the sewn eyes fit through that? Or is there a similar thing that will fit? I don't want to cut the eye and tie the end.
  15. climbstihl

    Quick attach/ remove gear loop

    Just thought I'd share this idea of mine. The original intent was to use it to hang tools like a hatchet, axe or hammer there, that's why I made it so stiff, so I can insert tool handles with one hand. But it also works great if you just need an extra gear loop. It can also easily be attached to...
  16. climbstihl

    New Caritool version?

    Just saw those online, hadn't seen them before. Any infos?
  17. climbstihl

    Austrialpin Rondo 4 safety issue

    So this just happened unintentionally on a climb. I was using it to lower something and it wasn't for life support. I tried it afterwards intentionally and have been able to replicate this opening it with one hand. Does anyone have experience with ths carabiner? Does yours do that too?
  18. climbstihl

    Shackle loading direction?

    On my harness (treeup th30) the webbing bridge is connected with shackles on each side. I currently clip in to these shackles with my lanyard, similar to the low D's on a treemotion. My harness doesn’t allow me to install rigging plates there unfortunately. Is there a problem if I clip into the...