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    High Cribbing - Best way to be stable??

    I use 6x6, 4x6 and 4x4 then topped with 2 or 3 1.5"x12" laminated beams then the float pads. 85% of the time I sit on a 4'x4' cribbing. For the extra time it takes to get out all the lumber is worth it to be stable.
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    BruceWayne 50t is a bit heavy and with a price tag. But yes that would be nice to use for trees.
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    The 340's cost less than the others. How many of you guys use the jib while doing tree work?
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    I operate a 900A for a growing tree service outside of Detroit. We have outgrown crane and looking to upgrade our capacity and reach. What your pros and cons on these T340XL, 38T127, 1800?
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    New Choking Crane Sling Stays on Hook

    Hey Royce Have you ever tried or seen these? We use them every chance we can.
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    Tagged Spider Leg Slings

    A seasoned climber who knows how to work spider legs, is truly an art. To allow roll a with smooth pick is priceless. Communication is key and time with the operator is other.
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    Crane Operator Certification

    I got my cert from ATS last Feb. You can purchase there books for around 200-300 bucks.
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    crane owner operators

    I heard that OSHA as of 2017 all crane ops must be certified with capacity over 3 ton.