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    Signs of sanity in Germany and the EU?

    Europe's also light years ahead and much more responsible towards public health in regards to to import restrictions on all genetically-modified (GM) foodstuff or seed stocks. Here industry (Monsanto's been in the forefront) is fighting to keep even the labeling of our foods off-limits to any...
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    History, Politics and Globalization Refresher

    Jomoco - if it were simply history repeating itself, mankind's selective greedy few at it again- I'd blame two elements: revised history of humankind's struggles that do not illustrate reality and two: the planet unable to adapt to the changes -we've by far have exacerbated- and loss of our...
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    Boss's wife has cancer

    Re: Boss\'s wife has cancer You have my thoughts as well - even though it may not have been timely for healing - I desperately hope it's still taking place. Bless you all
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    Gloves in Texas?!?!

    Tom - hey man,hope you're doin' good and enjoying stuff!! I got your phone message and sure - email me (if you can) a pic of the beadwork (or whatever it might be) and I'll try with Gayle - to quantify it. She knows her stuff but there's also a lot of non-indian work out there that often...
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    We Always Ask WHY?

    it doesn't "pale" in comparison Chris - each has it's own impacts and costs...and your's is a horrible nightmare of a reality - that we often loose something so very dear to us. I'm lucky, for each night in ICU when my family would visit from driving 80 miles away then start to pick-up and...
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    We Always Ask WHY?

    I'm also sorry for your loss Chris - and compounded w/ the sudden death of another family member. I've been on my back with a heart failure the last 2 months - after loosing my home/shop/tools/cars and trucks - and animals, most of them pets, in a freak flood but the failed ventricle was the...
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    Sad day for Arboriculture

    The earth needed more of his kind but we're accepting less of it and the price is going to be higher than anyone can imagine.
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    History, Politics and Globalization Refresher

    Ya'll probably expected me to chime-in at some point - so here goes: Herd all the billionaires into high-security paddocks, confiscate their empires for re-distribution and appropriate "fix-it's" to right their wrongs, use their bodies for medical research and livestock protein supplements...
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    Can we escape their lust for a buck?

    You're right - my bad. I'm by choice now, reclusive and happier...still commune with the oaks, although bigger and healthier than back in Texas. Things have changed as well for our culture, for the world. I might believe, as you stated Guy, that "blind hate and ignorance" differ not so much...
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    Can we escape their lust for a buck?

    I'm noting the growing culture of corporate desire that includes now - legal status as individual citizens and the Constitutional protections that such status brings....but wonder when some upstart litigator will use the laws of this nation to prosecute and punish said corporate entities and...
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    Can we escape their lust for a buck?

    Having experienced first hand the battles and losses regarding phenoxy herbicides (Agent Orange) and the known (falsification of data can only defend the chemical industry for so long) correlations between exposure and disease, I've learned two things: cancer isn't such a bad thing considering...
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    ISA and religion

    Lot's of 'frackin' going on, more new gas and oil holes than have ever been started since the thirties, and pipelines being built all over the place - except my county, which is mineral and intellectually poor. The USGS associates now the connection 'tween the injections of "proprietary"...
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    ISA and religion

    While out weeding around and then gently fondling my heirloom tomato leaves yesterday, a 5.2 earthquake rumbled my land. I'm almost certain it was some type of god telling me something, so I quit doing what I was doing and for sure the quake stopped.
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    A 'Post Turtle'=Sarah Palin

    Re: A \'Post Turtle\'=Sarah Palin Palin left a stench that Bachmann's aroma is indistinguishable from. Kinda like duck poop vs. geese droppings...they swim in the same pond and eat the same algae. Doing fine while the world bubbles. Other than trying to develop a way to purge the mercury and...
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    A 'Post Turtle'=Sarah Palin

    Re: A \'Post Turtle\'=Sarah Palin I kind of thought Palin's more akin to the genetic propensity of black mold that's troubling my efforts to sun-dry two Water Moccasin hides that I thought would make an ugly but purposeful pair of fishing suspenders for my hipwaders. In WW1, a trick to...
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    Blaze Foley-The Duct Tape Messiah

    Just maybe - albeit far from a definitive certainty - that I can find the wherewithall and excuse that may propel my hermitized personage back to Texas in the coming Late Spring and we can meet beforehand or at the Kerrville Festival and schmooze among the catagorically ill-refuted and...
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    Anchor Bridge announces Rope Bridge Recall !!!

    Re: Anchor Bridge announces Rope Bridge Recall !! So glad I happened to open this thread - even more so my first time online in months - but just yesterday I was greasing-up my climbing skills after months of doing necessary other stuff, on a 100-ft oak, way up top and acrobating my dance to...
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    Happy Birthday jim454

    And hey, from me too way late but still kickin' and breathing and climbing and stuff. Old farts rule, the young's got troubles ahead, and the first real winter in over thirty years I'm excited about being in pretty soon, so stay well and dry, clean your plate always, and tip a waitress well...
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    just has been my experience, by committed observation w/ microscopy for 24/48 hrs, applied to both test and control wounds on trees i.d.'d with positive vector populations in areas both infected or periphery to infection foci (mycelial mats w/ mobile sporing). So yes, insofar as wilt is...
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    Iron Chlorosis

    ferrous sulFATE ("dirty iron") has trace Zinc, copper, molybdenum, nickle and acidified by sulfurous componants. While not readily soluable, over time it delivers a maintainable high dose of Fe to correct deficiencies by both allowing the element presented and making it available by acidifying...