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    Finished up the new truck finally

    A mini wouldn't be able to load over the top of the gates but a giant 254 teli will be able too. Around 6.5 ft tall.
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    Finished up the new truck finally

    So here it is all finished up. I made the box tall enough so I can drive my giant 254t up 12" aluminum ramps and into the box. Its going to be a one rig tree care machine. It will pull a bandit 1390hd behind it. Sorry Venasnursery, not trying to hijack your thread. Btw venas, that's one bad ass...
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    Finished up the new truck finally

    Good point. Generally we only run logos on the sides of the cab doors but a large peice of aluminum might look nice. Thanks for the advice!
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    Finished up the new truck finally

    Good point. But I love seeing the construction on the outside. Thanks for the compliment.
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    Finished up the new truck finally

    Alright, really looking forward to the build finishing up. This is it currently. It will have 4-4" toolboxes running underneath each side. Im in Mass and the truck is being built in Florida. Didn't have a chance to test drive the chassis before the build.
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    Finished up the new truck finally

    So how do you like the new 7.3 gas VenasNursery? Having a F600 chip truck with the new 7.3 gas being built as we speak. Hopefully it has enough power fully loaded.
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    Gehl 140 vs Giant or Cast loaders?

    For anybody on the fence about getting a giant 254T. Just do it
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    Oil filter for Giant 254t

    Kobota filter from Dave at branch manager. Hell of alot cheaper than the giant branded ones. I have personally used these aswell
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    Midsize saw purchase help

    Husky 550xp is the perfect ground saw for me. I have a 362 with 25" bar even with a skip tooth it is only good for softwood.its been sitting for 2 years. As for the 550xp get a muffler mod from the saw king at mettle Creek saw shop and she really screams. Good luck

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