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    Katsura tolerance to root zone disturbance?

    Anyone have thoughts on katsura's ability to withstand root zone compaction and/or disturbance? A new client had an addition put on their home about 3 years ago which caused some soil compaction on the outer third of their katsura's RZ on two sides. This is a massive, old tree with a canopy...
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    EAB treatment pricing

    Go straight to Tree-age injections, don’t F around with dinotefuron trunk sprays. The results from dino and imidacloprid are extremely inconsistent on any tree bigger than 5” DBH. Most of the companies around suburban Philly price injections by the inch of DBH, as do I. Your market will flush...
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    Florel, Pinscher, PGR on liquidambar and similar

    Unfortunately, nothing new. The consensus seems to be that using deflowering agents on sweet gum works poorly, no matter if it’s a trunk injection (Snipper, Pincher), canopy spray (Florel), or trunk spray (Atrimmec). This includes talking to various chem vendors, who would like nothing more...
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    Insurance recommendations for pesticide use?

    I never had an issue, but I’m insured as a landscaper who applies pesticides rather than a tree company. Since I don’t do any GTC, my agent said landscaper was the best fit, and getting the applicator’s endorsement was a breeze.
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    Best motorized backpack sprayer?

    As far as battery-powered backpacks, I have a Dramm that I really like for shrubs, but there’s no way it has enough ass to spray trees. Maybe a mist blower like the mosquito companies use would work. I’ve actually recently been considering getting one for a fungicide application on a contract I...
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    Bueller...? Bueller...? Bueller...?
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    HWA treatment question

    Imidacloprid isn’t absorbed through the bark like dino, no matter how much Pentrabark you add—it’s not soluble enough. For me, if it’s not practical to do a hemlock spray with organic hort oil (tree is too big, too close to house, etc), I go straight to a dino trunk spray in mid-May. It gets...
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    PHC business

    I started my PHC-only business 4 years ago, and it’s grown nicely every year. I’m still solo, but may be adding staff this season if a couple big contracts come through. Leads can be tough; I was very plugged into the regional landscape/green industry because of the position I held with my...
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    Anybody every use SendJim? From what I can figure, it's a hyper-selective direct mail tool where you can select individual neighborhoods/streets, even down to individual houses to send marketing materials. They also have a tool where you upload your client list and then it sends mailings to...
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    Renewal contracts versus “confirmations”

    @flyingsquirrel25: Now, for you buddy, I’m definitely going to auto-renew ALL your work, not tell you, and send you a massive invoice to be paid up front. Thank you for your business, my friend!
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    Renewal contracts versus “confirmations”

    Yeah, his PHC is much more one-size-fits-all, which is not how I do things. I’m just looking for efficiencies since I’m a one-man operation. Running down each contract that hasn’t been sent back is time consuming, but it also gives me a chance to interact with the clients, even if it’s just...
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    Renewal contracts versus “confirmations”

    He said he did not. I only send no site visit renewals for chronic existing issues, ie dogwood anthracnose, bacterial lead scorch, etc. One-offs (like bagworm), I try to sell the client a monitoring visit rather than a spray in subsequent years.
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    Renewal contracts versus “confirmations”

    Down in Charlotte at the Expo, and I meet the owner of a company in the same region as me, but we don’t overlap territories. We get to chatting about PHC renewals and he tells me he doesn’t send renewal contracts, he sends COMFIRMATIONS—a letter politely worded that they’ll be out to do that...
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    Spray Rig for soil drenches?

    @ATH: Good point about the full tank of imid kinda evening out across the DBH sizes. I’d never thought of it that way. I also don’t do a ton of hemlocks the way you describe, so I don’t think I’d ever need a full tank of imid. To answer @John_KAYS: Both imidacloprid and dinotefuron have the...

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