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    Dragnet on rope

    Roger that. Thanks guys.
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    Dragnet on rope

    So about six months ago I got swarmed by bald face hornets while pruning a large Cherry tree. The hive was hidden in a cedar hedge below the tree I was working in, and I had to descend past it in order to get to the ground. Not fun! Anyway, there happened to be an Orkin man in the neighborhood...
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    Rope wrench tether issues

    I've been using a Petzl Spirit Express quickdraw sling as a lanyard on my Rope Wrench and it's been working great. I don't have a quick release pin, but I have never had an issue with the Rope Wrench inverting.
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    Pfanner Stretch Air Chainsaw Protective Trousers

    I recently got a pair of the Gladiator 2 Cools and they are by far the BEST pair of saw pants I have ever worn. They are pricey (as you and others have noted) but I also agree that they are worth every penny. I bought my pants from another climber that ordered them from Sherrill, but they...
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    Using winch to" float" limb/wood

    Re: Using winch to\" float\" limb/wood I am always cautious when introducing "powered mechanical advantages" into my rigging systems. Assuming you have a Vermeer chipper, I believe Vermeer claims that the winch rope line pull is 2,000 lbs (although I'm sure I have seen them pull logs over...
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    Rope Stretch? Ascender Compatability? A Few Q's

    Re: Rope Stretch? Ascender Compatability? A Few Q\'s While climbing SRT I primarily use Petzl ascenders (Croll, handled ascender, Shunt etc.) and I really like climbing on Tachyon. It has a great feel and works quite well in mechanical devices and friction hitches. After climbing on several...
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    A Challenge to all Arbo's

    Re: A Challenge to all Arbo\'s Thanks for sharing your stories folks. Keep em coming. Somehow I knew there would already be Arbo's out there doing their part for the community.
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    A Challenge to all Arbo's

    A Challenge to all Arbo\'s While removing a Cornus nuttallii (our provincial tree in BC) yesterday, I shut my 200T off just long enough to hear a passer-by call me a "Money-hungry tree killer!". I have been called pretty well everything under the sun while working a removal, but this insult...
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    I've been wearing a pair of Scarpa Kailash GTX's for pruning work over the last year and a bit, and I've been loving them. I picked them up on sale for $150 and it was definitely money well spent. They are a little soft for spur work, but the Vibram sole and Gore-Tex really come in handy while...
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    200T vs T540xp

    I LOVE my 200T! Just like many of you, I maintain it and it works hard for me every day. I had a chance to try out a 201T a few days ago and didn't like it as much as my 200T. It didn't seem to rev up as quick and it definitely didn't cut as fast (despite having a new chain). Can't comment on...
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    Petzl Sequoia Bridge Webbing

    Josh, I agree with Tom 100%. Any sign of wear that could compromise the integrity of a piece of life support should be replaced immediately. I also climb on a Sequoia and am about due for a new bridge. Mine isn't showing any flaws at this point, but I like to replace my bridge atleast once a...
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    where do we draw the line at extras?

    I think we can all agree that we belong to a pretty unique culture, in which we make our living working in and around trees. But, at the end of the day we are providing a service. A service that requires expensive, specialized equipment and an extensive skill set. So, when I hear about...
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    Croll as primary fall protection in SRT ascent?

    I used a croll as a primary attachment to jug kilometers of rope over the years working rope access and never had one open unintentionally. With that said...I would NEVER trust one as a primary and sole attachment point if there was any chance of dynamic loading (those teeth on the cam are a...
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    Silky Bladez

    I've had my Sugoi for about a year now and am just about to change the blade. It still cuts conifers pretty well, but I can definitely notice the need to replace it when dealing with cherry, maple, etc. With that said, it was still able to give me a pretty nice puncture wound on my finger...