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    direct mail

    I was interested to see if anyone has done much direct mail here..either to select areas or to previous clients. I know i've heard a few of the bigger companies do it regularly. If anyone is willing to share their experiences i'd appreciate it. Thanks!!
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    38 ton Manitex

    hope it doesn't come across rude but would you mind sharing what youre expecting to get for the unit? I've been toying with the idea of getting a truck just like this and could potentially be interested. email me or pm me if you prefer.
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    Ropes for trade

    I'll take the escalator and the 140' tachyon if its still available.- please email me pricing and we can go from there.
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    Rear mount

    What are you willing to spend?
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    Treemotion - Suspenders

    Brand new set up Treemotion Suspenders still in the packaging. $75.00 email me if interested as i'm not on here often
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    FMC Spray Guns

    Id take 2 of them but no need for 5
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    Re: Charlotte\'s OPEN INTERNATIONAL INVITATIONAL TCC Registered and looking forward to this event!! See you all there!
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    Tachyon, HRC, Velocity, Endura Braid, and Unicende

    I'd like the tachyon, endura braid and the velocity. If available sending me a msg with exactly how much is available and pricing. Thanks!
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    2001 International chipper Truck 27 Yard Under CDL

    What was the price?
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    Gaffing conifers while pruning

    nothing new around here...biggest outfit around here with All the certs and accred still tolerates their climbers to spike anything bigger than a redbud...I've heard first account of city foresters nearly throwing them out of there cities.... Same co's owner told me once the TCC's are a waste...
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    Sherrill catalog

    [ QUOTE ] Mine already has spare stickers on it with sharpie marker written all in the inside with Luke's prices. Because I got two some how and got bored over spring break Jesse you can sign the non one [/ QUOTE ] Love it!!!!
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    Rigging gear for sale/trade

    got pics of the slings and ropes? i may be interested in trading cash.
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    Labtop or ipad

    Ordered 2 of the Ipad 2 last week along with the wireless keyboards, and airprint printer...Hope it works out the way i'm anticipating...:)
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    Climber/IPM tech/Landscaper SE PA

    Relocate to Kansas City? check us out...

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