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    mycorrhizal soil injection

    Re: aerobic compost tea how are you guys applying your compost teas drench or inject.
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    Trimming White Pines

    white pines are fun ,like a ladder to climb .alittle sapy and snapy ,but lightwood to remove.
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    New helmet questions

    I like my vertex best,not as heavy as pacific helments and and meets ansi eh standards.and added some muffs so i hear later in life.
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    I saw the same boot mb at kmart for 40,hightechs are good hikers also ,they have a steel shank in the sole.i think any mountaineering boot that is crampon compatable is ok climber.
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    deep root feed in the Spring or Fall

    I like to air spade around the trees to break compaction ,compost,slow release fert,micor or any nutrient the tree needs.removing the the topthird of the basket is the best ,sometimes removing the entire basket desturbs the ball.i like the mixture you have frans ,sounds like a good mix for my...
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    I have the vertex best and was wondering how the muff and face guard was.i'm thinking of getting it.anybody have the setup and like it.i have been wearing earbands and they don't seem to cut it anymore.what did ya say can't hear ya
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    Equipment question

    Im having problems keeping my bottom foot strap on my pantin 'i get half way strap kicks out.what kind of throw line are you using cody with your big shot ,nice high shots.
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    Big Trees in BC

    How do you measure the height of those bigboys?nice pics and cool trees,love to come out west for a climb one day.
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    Monkey Puzzle Trim

    great pics ,we have some 20 tall around here.hope you had lots of arborwear on that day.
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    ISA test

    im studying also ,and hear biology is a big part of the you think shigo's biology book is a good book it a seasonal thing with id part,leaves on branchs or no leaves branchs on trees?
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    Thanks for the link!things always happen in the dead of winter.
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    I have dodge 3500 turbo dies.,can't get it to stop running when you cut the key off.they say the 5.9's do it alot.any body had the problem?
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    are these the dumpers you intall in pickups?have a heavy 150 like to have one.
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    Quercus rubra browning out

    ive seen mites on everything this year,maples ,willow rain here starting to see lots borers and dead oaks.
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    Bringing a tree back

    Re: Bringing a tree back -- compost tea? Do a soil sample first see what the tree needs ,micor.fungi is a must in area like that.Im making some compost tea this weekend from my composter if i can stan the smell i will try it on some small plants and see what happens.we have big ambrosia beetle...

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