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    EAB treatment pricing

    We've spotted EAB in and around Chapel Hill, NC! Needless to say, EAB treatments are likely going to be ramping up here shortly. This is something we've been doing a small amount of up until this point, both soil drench and injections (haven't tried the Safari trunk spray yet-- thoughts?), but...
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    Jobber plus Quickbooks?

    What do you mean by holding your books for ransome? Not being able to back up your books? Withholding your info when trying to close out your QB acct? Tax-time issues?
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    Climbing/PPE Gear for Small Bodies

    Helpful suggestions, thanks!
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    Climbing/PPE Gear for Small Bodies

    I'm the small new climber mentioned in the initial post-- 5'1" and around 120lbs. I'm only a size 6 in boots, but I've found that boots are the least difficult to find. Finding small enough helmets and gloves (for doing ground work in the past) is often difficult, and I'm anticipating that...
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    Bark beetle treatment?

    Anybody have any experience with treating bark beetles? I've been using a bifenthrin trunk spray preventatively, but wondering if there's anything to be done if the tree may have already been exposed? I know it's not a terribly clear photo, but somebody I work with took this thinking it could...
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    Trouble with tree IV for EAB

    Missed this earlier somehow. It's definitely going better now. I think I just hit a couple duds right off the bat and maybe got better at some of the tiny details that make the IV work quickly. Uptake time is typically 5-15 minutes now, sometimes 30 or 40 minutes without much warning though...
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    Trouble with tree IV for EAB

    Thanks, y'all! Much appreciated feedback. Going to try another one this morning, we'll see how it goes.
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    Trouble with tree IV for EAB

    Hey, thanks for the response! Plugs seem to be at the appropriate depth (set just behind the bark). 35-40psi, using the G4 formulation. It's sunny, tree is leafed out, definitely getting hot early, but not so hot that I think that's a concern. Ground moisture is good as far as I can tell...
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    Trouble with tree IV for EAB

    Hey, wondering if anyone has any experience with the arborjet tree IV for treating EAB and getting the tree to uptake quickly? New to this system, but in nearly ideal conditions with my plugs set properly (no leaks), I'm still waiting hours for the treatment to be complete. Any ideas for how...

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