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    Powers spur scender

    wow tell me you dont climb in those boots!!! ooouuuccchhh
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    WTB MINI Skid,

    Lumberjack do you handle used machines and have good financing available?
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    Sterling HTP Climb

    is that the 10mm or 11mm??
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    dang i would have straight up traded my new uni for that
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    Wtb uni

    got a brand new one, what would you like to pay. pm me
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    Tandem Hitch, sDdRT

    interesting my friend
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    Non Protective climbing pants

    Biggest problem I have is length, I need 36". Arborwear is great because I can get 34"X36" most chainsaw pants at 30" or 33" are like "tree capri's". My long length Pfanner Gladiators (35" inseam) are a bit short. and my Pfanner Climber chainsaw pants (special order +14) took 2 years to get...
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    looking to buy saddle

    [ QUOTE ] Give me a break I suck as spelling. This post just got renamed the roast of sawsnspikes [/ QUOTE ] Trust me these are the best guys to get roasted by, they are all great guys and are just havin' fun with ya. these would be the first folks to offer advice and or help :-)
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    Vermeer seminar series

    [ QUOTE ] hey there scrat I work out of white plains for an outfit but I live up in dutchess. im absolutely going cant wait! [/ QUOTE ] Where in Dutchess, I am in Hopewell. You will absolutely enjoy it....always something to take away from it. If my Saturday plans fall through I may go as...
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    Vermeer seminar series

    welcome to the Buzz Sawsnspikes, where in westchester are you located? you work for yourself or an outfit. the guys at the Seymore CT Vermeer shop are great hosts, you will enjoy the day. Scrat
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    Rope for sale

    THX, hows things Northwest of here?
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    Rope for sale

    Casey is the 150' of the teufelberger colored tachyon still available???? i'm interested Todd
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    NWA Cottenwood takedown.

    Evan nicely done. Kudos to your ropeman T
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    Arborwear clothing *DELETED*

    Re: Arborwear clothing Sorry to hear that, I have had just the opposite experience. Everything I have purchased has been great in both fit and quality, double thick hoodies, ascender pants, canopy pants, belts....but I do believe their jackets are for guys related to T-REX. That being said do...
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    Free Line-Tamer up for grabs

    hey I would love to give it a try. is it still available?

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