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    If you go to Kauai,do the Napali Coast trail hike, it's stunning, only about 2-3 miles but a major workout, rugged terrain. Bring water and take your time, trekking poles came in handy for me, silly as they look. I did the inner tube tour of the irrigation ditches that carry rainwater from the...
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    public parks

    Don't do it in England:
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    rope boss bags

    Are the stiffeners in pockets so you can remove or replace them as needed, or permanently sewn in?
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    SHERRILL kinda sucks .......

    [ QUOTE ] Also, in order for 1,000 people to be happy, you have to piss 100 of em' off. [/ QUOTE ] Totally not true- I run an e-commerce business and have had over 4000 transactions just thru eBay (not including our website sales) over the last 7 years, by your logic my eBay feedback would...
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    SHERRILL kinda sucks .......

    [ QUOTE ] Almost every TB sponsor reads the forum. When I've talked to them about posting they talk about an awkwardness that they feel about participating. That's surely understandable. Too often forum readers respond to posts by sponsors, not just on TB either, in a rather negative way. The...
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    New Rope Bag

    I normally use the blue IKEA tote bags (59 cents) for my ropes, but they aren't perfect. I just picked up an IKEA "garden bag" (SOLIG) and I think it will work well. It has a stiffener around the rim, and it stands up by itself. Price was kind of steep (for IKEA)- it costs $2.49. Comes in...
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    Plagued Squirrels: Control?

    I would imagine that the average citizen's chances of catching fleas/plague from a squirrel are slim to none. Tree guys may have slight risk, wildlife rehabbers would need to be careful. I handled 5 orphaned baby gray squirrels this year, they were covered in fleas, fortunately the fleas didn't...
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    Rope Storage - What are you using?

    I use the blue IKEA tote bags. 59 cents at any IKEA. Really.
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    EAB (emerald ash borer)

    I have been seeing/hearing a LOT more woodpecker activity in my neighborhood (Richfield, MN) this year compared to previous years. They are everywhere. Tons of Ash in my area, including the best tree in my yard.
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    Minnesota Tree Climbing

    Put me on your list also. Thanks!
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    Anyone tried the new Buck' Black Widow

    Re: Anyone tried the new Buck\' Black Widow I tried one this winter at a trade show in MN at the Vermeer/Sherrill booth, I liked it. Very simple design, seemed comfortable enough.
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    climbing with a friend

    I study/teach Ju-Jitsu, which involves a lot of very close body contact with both male and female students. For example, in a class I might be literally laying on top of one of them (face to face, while they are on their back), and instructing them to wrap their legs tightly around my waist as...
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    gate entryway ideas needed

    My gate is on a slope like that, I just had the bottom of the gate run at an angle, it looks fine.
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    Asplundh doing line clearance pruning with spikes

    Re: Asplundh doing line clearance pruning with spi I got a call today from the Xcel Energy vegetation clearance manager, (I had e-mailed them), he said that Excel strongly discourages spiking healthy trees and he said he is seeing progress on that front with the contractors, but it isn't going...
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    Asplundh doing line clearance pruning with spikes

    Re: Asplundh doing line clearance pruning with spi All done, the young man who worked on my tree did a great job, and I told the foreman so. The guy who pruned my tree said he had been climbing for about a year and he really enjoyed the work.

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