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    NYS contract climber

    Contract climber based out of NYS. Willing to travel just about anywhere depending on housing availability. 10 years climbing experience. ISA certified Arborist. Clean Class A CDL. I also have experience running buckets. Can provide references upon request. I can be reached at 607-349-0001...
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    Work Photos

    Dead ash. Of course tallest tree around. Good view though. Top set to rig. Tree house thing directly under it and multiple trees to save
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    Work Photos

    Nice. Got a pic of the speed line setup?
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    Work Photos

    Lol yes it is Chris's crane you see me running it? Nope. I gotta install ashtrays on either side of it for him. You think those notch mats are better then Reh ole' plywood?
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    Work Photos

    Had a big white oak storm removal about a 2500 lb branch fell on a garage and rest of tree had to go.
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    Work Photos

    Beautiful sunrises. What radius was the crane working at?
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    New Climber Seeking advice (Video inside!)

    Not really supossed to descend single rope with friction hitch because the cord will heat up a lot and bind up. When I was climbing drt I liked to just use my rope as an extra lanyard when chunking down a spar or I would add a figure 8 in or tie a munter to a beener if I wanted a possibility of...
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    New Climber Seeking advice (Video inside!)

    are you climbing drt? I don't see a wrench above you're hitch, which means on that setup you would not be able to rappell to the ground
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    Weaver Wide Back D Harness

    I got some of the polydyne in my bag of rope makes good slings for blocks
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    New climber looking for advice

    Not sure if this has been mentioned, but always be tied into at least two points before making a cut. Also if you can avoid it I would suggest not Climbing or working alone. Just quick non climbing related suggestions

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