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    How many actual line clearance trimmers on site

    Line clearance is exactly that . I performed line clearance work for over 20 years and residential 7 and now into consulting work. Its the most hated form of arboriculture on the planet but there are some great climbers who do what they can and there are also those who don't. The real problem is...
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    see you in the trees...RIP Oakwilt :(

    RIP prayers for friends and family
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    Your least favourite tree to climb, and why.

    Honey locust, Black Jack, and Hackberry Honey Locust well 4 or more inch thorns. Black Jack makes pin oak seem like cake as far as hanging up, Hackberry alligator hide bark rips your arms to pieces
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    Saka vs Velox?

    I think what was happening was; I raised my leg to reach the release and the bungy pulled it into my hitch climber! I used it two hours up and down today and did not have the problem today. It still feels weird to me though, as I'm used to drt after reaching wraptor height. The tree I used it on...
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    Saka vs Velox?

    I have it tethered with my lanyard, I played more with it today on the job. It seemed better; I think its more learning curve issue "but then" I admit I'm a bit spoiled, been using my wraptor last few years:p
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    Put my new and first SRT system into production today!

    Does gear ever end, I had to get in the ditty bag the other day and remove extra weight. I mean I'm keeping the stuff but if not using it I ain't toting it. I used the wraptor last couple years and drt but now got a rw, hcp,hass velox,climb right foot ascender, art work positioner one side and...
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    Saka vs Velox?

    Up until now i used my wraptor with a gri gri on it in case I needed to come down off it while ascending. I switch over drt up in the tree with separate climbline and a split tail. It worked ok ,I just had to try new srt systems out seems easier on redirects. I wish i had this stuff in the 1980s...
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    Saka vs Velox?

    I just got the velox, rw hitch climber pulley, and climb right foot ascender for times when the wraptor is not so needed. I have played with it a bit but I must be doing something a bit wrong because when i get up the ascender jams into my hitch climber pulley and is pita to get off. Climbing...
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    Old school v.s. New school

    Haha old school is manila, 30 plus years of hip thrusting here lol. I now am using a hass,rr and foot ascender when I don't feel like sending down the wraptor. I started on 3 strand in 1981 and stayed drt until last few years but I still use it every once and a blue moon, though must admit; not...
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    At the end of my rope!

    oceans when I use my big saw anymore I usually put it atop spar engine off get in position for next cut then reach up and get the 395 or 372 with long lanyard as I don't care for the added weight pulling on my saddle. I'm usually not taking 36" stuff huge so 2 to 4 foot sections I can reach my...
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    Lucas Tree Experts… Who has worked there?

    It's a subject that comes up from time to time and like bradford pear they do recover. I have a few commercial jobs where I pollard on a 3 year cycle and I hate it but someone will no doubt do the work and it may as well be done by me.
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    Gloves for running rope.

    Someone needs to make rigging gloves with a layer of leather then kevlar then another layer of leather in the hot spots all stitched in well! It may help with scared groundie syndrome lol.
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    [ QUOTE ] I am 44 and I love the workout I get from climbing and working the tree. When things get so bad as I age that I cannot handle the climbing, then I guess it will be time to move on to a new love. Right now I have 3 years climbing, relatively short but I am a quick graduate it came quite...
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    48 ft. working height boom truck operators

    In west Texas it would work but here my 60 foot is under sticked. Having said that it would still help for blocking out some of the wood , which can be hard on the ankles. I will not buy another ladder if I buy another bucket it will be at least 85 foot and there still would be a few to climb here.
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    I absolutely love my wraptor and keep a trained eye and rifle ready to any who dare touch it :) I use it for removals and what is cool is you can blast up, tie in, delimb, repel come down and clean brush up then ride back up for the spar without busting a sweat. There is a learning curve to...

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