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    buying SENA inter com, need advice

    The comms system speakers are installed inside the earmuffs. You will not be able to hear your groundie unless you use the earmuffs.
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    What's this scam?

    I've received these messages before via text message. I usually dismiss them but one individual hounded me so I told them a ridiculous price of $2000 to remove the small plum tree located at the random address they gave me. I told them I would only accept payment up front...I was hoping this...
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    No shrink tubing in Teufelberger OP e2e hitch cord?

    Both of my CE lanyards or "hipstar flex's" are made like this. I have the 11.3mm and the 12.7mm. I believe those are the sizes....anyway, they're both the same.
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    Taz Lov2 $230 shipped

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    Taz Lov2 $230 shipped

    The Taz Lov2 is designed for SRT use. It can only be used on 10-11 mm lines. It is capable of descent but mainly used for ascent. I have mainly seen it used in tree climbing competitions for the ascent event. It is the fastest midline attachable device that is ALSO CE rated. I myself do not use...
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    Taz Lov2 defective?

    I'm not sure there's a "difference" in the rope after I washed it. It seemed a bit softer and more malleable. I had run a rope wrench on it for a few weeks prior to washing as well. The devices do not drag along the rope as they had before.
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    Taz Lov2 $230 shipped

    Taz Lov2 for 10-11mm lines. Ascends and descends flawlessly. In new condition. $230 shipped.
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    Taz Lov2 defective?

    I have had some time to test out the new Tazlov2 that was sent to me from Taz3d in France. Initially, the device acted the same as the original. Taking Jonny's advice, I washed my ropes(they were brand new), and used them on multiple climbs and tried the devices out again. Both devices are...
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    Inventory Arborist

    Sounds more like a consulting arborist position. I've never heard of an inventory arborist.
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    Sticht Hitch

    What is the significance of the ring? I feel like that's a bit redundant...There are plenty of knots and hitches that perform.
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    ISA Studying

    There are reviews at the end of each chapter. Scan each review, fill in the blanks as you read and then use it as a study guide. You could also just photocopy the completed chapter review section in the back of the book, but I suggest reading at least once and filling in the answers.
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    Figure what out? I've figured out that's a trashy face cut. Also, that salami cut isn't special. Don't tell me that cut is even remotely proper or that there's some bullshit book that shows that cut and its uses. Looks like my 7 year old got ahold of my 460 and went to town. Was that one of your...
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    What in the actual f*** is going on in this picture anyway?
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    Taz Lov2 defective?

    I received the new Taz Lov2 today. After inspection, I see no differences between the two that would affect performance. I'll probably try it out tomorrow. There are a few differences aesthetically like the coating and the rope path line. Also I found that the little black cam is...
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    Taz Lov2 defective?

    I sent video of the setup as well as ascension showing the drag on the device to Taz3d. They called me directly to discuss the issue and afterwards agreed that the device was not operating properly. This was the first time of them hearing about or seeing drag on this device. They definitely...

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