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    TreeBuzz T-Shirts

    Re: can we submit artwork?!? I still have the old one. It has been a couple of years since I have been on any tree sites, good to read some of you again.
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    Bartlett Tree Co. ????

    What do you want to know?
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    Climbing saw recommendations

    [ QUOTE ] I'm going to send it to EHP sometime soon to have it "done-up" [/ QUOTE ] You won't be sorry. I have a 7900 done up by Ed and it rocks!
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    NJ Help Needed--Housing available

    [ QUOTE ] 25 or 30 in new jersey? thats criminal. 18 to 22 in k.c.keep using up your climbers and theyll keep leaving and start there own business. then you keep getting lower and lower prices for trees till your all hurting.i know of 4 climbers dead in last year just in this mess up...
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    How long will you live?

    91 here
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    Tree Care Company Name Idea's

    Re: Tree Care Company Name Idea\'s Love the home theater........I built a room too only mine is an audiophile room.
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    Yup............been there done that and it hurts. Gotta rest it if you can.
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    b2 4 sale

    What size?
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    NJ jobss

    Trev, Didn't you know, this is becoming the "drama" board.
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    I heard Rborist1 left

    Stay safe and hopefully dry.............try not to make too much money.
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    I heard Rborist1 left

    Treedr, What does Treeco and Pixies have in common?
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    I heard Rborist1 left

    Merry Christmas Treedr.............Do they have Christmas in the Bahamas? Didja ever get that piece of crap that I sent to you via UPS?
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    I heard Rborist1 left

    Is UPS still working this close to Christmas?
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    Bologna, Italy

    If my memory serves me correctly, Arbormaster did some training in Genova in the past. I'll ask Frank Chipps if he knows him.
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    Test ya batting skills, POMS welcome

    [ QUOTE ] POM is not derogatory, what part of plain english cant you comprehend! [/ QUOTE ] A group of ex-patriot Brits called British People Against Racial Discrimination see it differently. The part of plain English I can't...