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    Figure 8 as top anchor when rescuing a climber

    You are spot on :-) The idea is to teach a simple and not gear demanding setup. To learn the students to use what they already have on their harness. Rescue scenario is a pickoff rescue (injured climber with a damaged climbing system) on a spar. Rescuer is on a DdRT System. We tested the...
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    Figure 8 as top anchor when rescuing a climber

    The idea of this system is to teach a basic and not very gear demanding system. A rope wrench would be my choice, but I like the simplicity of the system with the figure 8 at the top. The only “problem” I can see (from a European point of view) is , that you have to make sure the figure 8 is CE...
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    Figure 8 as top anchor when rescuing a climber

    Hi We have been experiencing with this setup when rescuing a climber from a spar, where we are performing a pick-off rescue, and 2 people are hanging in 1 DdRT system. See image... It is hard to find any data on the figure 8, that states this is a valid configuration, but I cannot in any way...
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    Alex Black

    I am so sorry to read about this horrible accident! My thoughts go to his family!
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    Dynamic rigging ropes

    Great rope! Put it through some x rigging rings and a good bollard at the base. Doesn’t get any better than that :-) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Service life of rigging slings and ropes

    Thanks a lot for your input :-) Daniel, you are absolutely right about the service log. We don’t really know what we put the ropes through. That’s why I thought they would have a max service life. But if the material (in general nylon and polyester) doesn’t degrade a lot over time, then it makes...
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    Service life of rigging slings and ropes

    Thanks for that :-) It is more or less the same reply I have had from colleagues and others here in Denmark. The concept of cycles to failure , I agree, is a very important process to be aware of. Though it is tricky to keep track of the cycles you put the rope through without having a log book...
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    Service life of rigging slings and ropes

    Hi. I am struggling to find the recommended service life for rigging slings (Samson tenex) and rigging ropes (Yale polydyne and polyester bull lines). Have written to Samson and they replied they couldn’t give an estimated service life. I very surprised by that answer :-/ freeworker in Germany...
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    cobra dynamic tree cable

    Hi again Found this old tread. We are installing quite a lot of cobra. A couble of days ago we found two trees where the cobra anti abrasion cover was damaged badly. Had to be replaced. We suspect squirrels. Anyone with experience apart from the things mentioned earlier in this tread...
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    Crane workshops in Europe?

    Can you let me know as well, mark? I know a couple of people, my self included, that would love to attend! :-)
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    New climber

    Think I understand, but if you can find the time to share a photo it would be great! :)
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    Happy Holidays!

    Merry Christmas! :-)
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    SRT rope wrench rope choice and prusik type?

    Hi. I have been climbing for 15 years and done competition climbing national as well as international. Anyway I am new to SRT and is really having a hard time finding some useful information about a few very important SRT subjects. Hope you guys can help me :-) 1. Choice of rope? Is it ok to...
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    New climber

    Great thread :-) and awesome video with the knee ascender ! Have heard that the vt is a bit too unreliable combined with the rope wrench. Can some SRT veterans perhaps post some pictures of their prusik / rope wrench setup? And another question: is it ok to work SRT on a full static line...
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    Collapsed trees with tree support systems?

    Cool. Good work. It's a very common problem with too little distance for two eye splices! Cobra recommends a figure 8 setup....

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