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    P.A COMM. APPLICATOR\'S CERT. TEST HELLO,i was looking for someone that has took the applicators test here rec. for PA CAT/CLASS #10 (RIGHT OF WAY)I have the study packet the penn state sends you and have taken it once already but failed it there are certain questions on it that i cant find...
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    SPRAY TECH\'S AND BEG. CLIMBERS WANTED HI, WELL now that i got my promotion to forman i need to build a crew! im looking for 2 people thats willing to learn spraying of herb's i work for pennline services,pay is great! insurance after 90 and more. willing to learn climbing is even better and...
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    older saw's

    older saw\'s hi today, i went to a cool auction today and found a few cheap saw's that i might part with if there is any intrested in them 1)a pretty rough ms192t looks like parts only must have been dropped!busted case!just cracked leak's gas 2)a nice jonsered half the lable is gone no idea...
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    lanyard with micro grab and pulley

    i felt in my gut that it was a bad idea thanks for confirming it. what is a 2in1 lanyard??can you explain this to me please
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    lanyard with micro grab and pulley

    roger, your pics are great loved them some nice place's beautiful sun sets there thanks for sharing them with me
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    lanyard with micro grab and pulley

    thanks i worked with the flip line and micgrab today dont think i need a pulley works well without it.anyway to use tthe extra line with a clip for a 2nd saftey like a 2in1 thing or is this a bad idea? the company to use 2 saftey lanyards at all times thats why i ask
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    lanyard with micro grab and pulley

    hello, was wondering if any one knows how to do a good set up of a saftey lanyard that works with a micrograb and pully?we use the old adjustable one and im having a hard time tighting it around big trees with the knot so far away from me was told that you can use a micrograb and pulley to...
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    used polesaw

    I'm looking for a good telescop. polesaw brand not important to me. good and running please! email me with pic's and price please im in erie,pa pick up maybe poss. if close enough. thanks
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    commercial lic.

    hello, was wondering if anyone knows anything about the comm. applicators lic. (in pa)maybe how hard is it to pass! and any study tips would be 10-14 i think is what im going to take and of course the old core test.
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    well i can say from exp.herethat 2 years ago i was starting a sod cutter. the engine vapor locked and snapped my wrist first thought it was just sprained and cont. to work the next day swelled right up!!went and they told me i had pro.torn a lig and tendon. well 6 weeks in a cast then 6...
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    help! change in times

    hello, back in the mid-90's i started climbing for southern tree co. i climb for 1.5 years. the changed jobs due to health cond. last week i replyed to a ad in paper on a job as a climber for line clerance.thinking that i may get it i startde reading up and boy how things have changed since i...

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