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    ['new?' rigging idea] The "Doubled Rope Double-Whip" technique (illustration included ;) )

    As treeco pointed out, when you have forces pulling on each end of a rope through a redirect or anchor attached to an object, the direction of the net force on that object (tree in this case) is no longer parallel to the rope. Also, by doubling the rope you actually cut the force on each leg, so...
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    Recreational climbing.

    Good stuff! Thought you were gonna kiss the forklift for a sec at 2:15 lol. Love the edit when you stick the landing at the end of the song. That runner looks smooooth. :). How well does it eat the heat on the fast ones?
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    Sourwood Tree Identification

    Something screwy happened when I resized them but I was having trouble loading the full image with my slow connection. The subsoil in the forests here is heavy red clay and the sourwoods seem to tolerate it quite well. I think it will be fine once it gets established.
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    Sourwood Tree Identification

    Young bark is smooth, mature barke resembles poplar somewhat except deeper and rougher.
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    Sourwood Tree Identification

    Different colors on different trees.
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    Sourwood Tree Identification

    As far as I know there is only one species. Most around here turn some shade of reddish. Anywhere from light pinkish orange to deep burgundy. But I’ve seen them turn yellowish or light green as well. It does look like your tree is sourwood, despite the bright yellow coloration. What’s the soil like?
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    Sourwood Tree Identification

    Sourwoods everywhere here in western NC as Anawan said. I'll get some pics today too. They usually only have isolated blooms until they reach a more mature height. In my opinion the fall color of these trees is rivaled only by certain maples. Mature trees have some of the brightest most...
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    what kiond of wood is this

    I'm guessing banana wood, judging by the boxes.
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    banna bo\xes with logs form sale

    Banana boxes... Why didn't I think of that? Can I pay up front? Monopoly money?
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    Lightning Regulations

    I was in the top of a small-medium 60 foot pine once some years ago and lightning hit a huge poplar less then 75 feet from the tree I was in. We could tell the storm was coming but the sky was still blue over us. I had just finished my undercut on the top. Turned my saw off to communicate...
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    Helping out Your Neighbor’s with Their Trees

    People of good character can sometimes be quite offended when you try to completely refuse payment. In such cases I try to accept as little as possible to make them feel like it isn't complete charity. One sweet lady who is an amazing baker pays us 100% in baked goods. Usually something sweet...
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    Another aerial friction rigging device?

    I think this is brilliant. I like the multiple friction options that can be attached mid-line, built in swivel, compact/rugged form factor, and overall simplicity with minimal moving parts. Looks very smooth while in use!

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