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    bucket truck

    Purdue, I got mine from Schmiddys in Illinois (
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    bucket truck

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    bucket truck

    heres the truck and a large cottonwood we did with it. the tree was down in 1 day w/ the bucket. It probably would have been a 2 day climber.
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    bucket truck

    Jimmy, I too just bought one. One step ahead of ya again! I got a forestry rig so I can just have 2 trucks on site if need be. A lot of times I only have 1 emp. so I cant take 3 trucks. mine is a 57' hiranger and goes overcenter on both booms. Like NE said, yea you have to work over the...
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    vermeer bc1250...dont know, it doesnt have a tach. It runs at full throttle tho, whatever that is.
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    Bradford pear trees topped need some Advice

    another pic. you can see how many times this tree has failed.
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    Bradford pear trees topped need some Advice

    small winds here yesterday and this is the call i got....
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    according to wikpedia.... Area code 404 covers Atlanta and its immediate neighbors, roughly within Interstate 285
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    Stihl Chain Saw Giveaway Is Almost Over

    I registered. If someone above does win and dont want to give it to jersey, Ill take it. sure to some it may be deadweight/boat anchor, junk me its a saw i didnt have to pay for. Ill use the crap out of it anyway.
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    Bradford pear trees topped need some Advice

    Ive braced bradfords before and in all cases, they broke anyway. One time the tree failed at the bracing point. Top them or cut them down. Last summer, due to a large bird infestation on a set of 25 trees, we took out 12 and topped the other 13. The ones removed were replaced with other...
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    Rope Bags???

    Ya know tom, that pisses me off. Each chapter that hosts the conference spends a lot of money putting the conf on and for people to trash those rope bags is...well sh!t, I cant think of the words. Sure they are cheap, but thats no reason to throw them away. Maybe the conference people need to...
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    Rope Bags???

    I use the cmi rope bags. Ive used them for years w/ no problems. You have to step through the handles to open it up and keep it open to put the rope in, but its no hassle. I too have a bag from hobby that has my bull rope in it (150' of 5/8" double braid) and a bag from new tribe.
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    I almost killed my groundman today

    While I understand your feeling of responsibility, I do disagree to an extent. On my jobsite, you dont walk into the landing zone w/o checking above first. not all the time is ther a chainsaw running to indicate a cut is/has been made. Further, from the American National Standards for...
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    zip lining questions

    Speedlining does not have to be as hard as they (2 above-with all due respect) say. sure ther are risks involved, but from what your saying, it doesnt sound like your trying to speed line a redwood. Now, it does depend on the size of wood. I speedline stuff quite often, but its small limbs...
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    Chipper questions..would like your opinions please

    what kind of trees are u cutting? thats first and foremost information. this will depend on your purchase was worthwile or worthless. the way it sounds, you are cutting red cedar. if this is the case, wait till april and burn the pasture. Your attemps to chip cedar w/ a cnd will piss you...

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