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    Resurrecting Nickrosis in SF!

    Yeah - total housing bubble. Try telling that to a realtor, though. Well...if anyone from SF stumbles across this thread in the future, please say hi. =)
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    Resurrecting Nickrosis in SF!

    MD!! The regulatory environment out here is fierce. Wow what a difference from Wisconsin with little or no difference in the quality of the work being performed. I'm just committed to getting my ducks in a row and doing it the right way. What's really surprised me is the need for qualified...
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    Cabling a spreading silver maple

    The point of cabling high is to get the most leverage, but if it gets you to twigs, that's no help at all. I would consider opening up the acceptable cabling range from 2/3rds of the canopy alone to 2/3rds of the overall height of the tree. Mrtree is right - cable lower than what you were...
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    Saving a Red Maple(acer rubrum)

    Holy cats! Mrtree started off unchained! Not the personality of the board I remember at all. That tree looks cooked, but I can appreciate a pet project. Removing girdling roots is a bit of an afterthought in this case - it would be more appropriate about 15 years ago, or more obviously, the...
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    Resurrecting Nickrosis in SF!

    Hi all! I just changed my profile for the first time since 2005! I'm dropping in to say hello and apologize for not responding to PMs dating back to 2008. Quickly - I moved out to San Francisco in April because my wife is in technology, leaving my dad and our family business behind in...
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    For the record.......

    It's a different business model. The problem is that your "research" is really advanced product testing unlike the "research" that oakwilt is referring to that means going outside of trying different levels of your own products and purely looking for the best solution. What your company is doing...
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    PUClimber, did you know when you posted this that there's a different CTW and CA test? Hehe, I passed the CA the second time around and still have never retaken my CTW.
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    ANSI: Only in America

    Cosmetic is easier for me to spell.
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    For the record.......

    Well, I'm two weeks behind myself last year, but here I am finding this thread again. Quali-Pro is taking up more real estate in Midwest Arborist Supplies's catalog, and I still can't find any other info about the quality of their products, which is pretty disappointing for me. I like to find...
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    Using H2B

    We're checking out Workforce Advantage. They charge $3500 for up to 10 employees.
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    Propaconizol save more trees

    Re: This is what I found. Is there more? Okay, I didn't know what other products they were making. I've never dealt with oak wilt, but it's good to hear your findings.
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    Text issues

    Wow, hilarious to re-read this thread, but I've never had the text issues since it was fixed. But to think that I've been using Firefox for over two years - I'm so proud! And I'm beginning to understand more and more of what Glen was saying, too. Thanks again for your speedy handling of concerns!
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    New advertising medium

    Good idea! And a good message! I'm sick of rape being a women's issue.
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    They got me!

    Uh-oh! Was that in Westchester County?
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    Using H2B

    Who's using H2B? What agent did you work with and how did they arrange things? America Work Visa doesn't charge the employer anything but requires a 10 worker minimum, which we could handle. The greater question, I'm wondering, is whether it's better to hire those 10 locally or not. Finding...

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