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    HELP, in need of Women's Work Boots for Wide Feet!!!!

    Do they need to be steel toe. I am sure I am going to get grap for this, but I have used full leather Zamberlan 's, for years. I buy at REI, they have Woman's / men's versions, I fit in both. They have enough of a heel to use with spurs, can foot-lock in them, good with foot ascenders, stay...
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    Trouble syncing Protos BT-COM with SENA

    The Protos BT-COM works well enough, I like that it is compact and contained. They work well with other Protos BT-Coms. Nothing to get hang up on or accidently tap out of the conversation. Not all the crew use Protos. When I invested in the Protos BT-COM's, the sales information said synced...
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    Experienced climber looking to relocate

    We are on a island near Seattle. I need a part-time climber and know several other good companies near by to keep you plenty busy and then some. Technical removals to pruning. It is a great area to live, but don’t tell anyone. Plenty of people not enough tree climbers.
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    Mar Bars

    can MB be used for SLT or Only DRT? I have not used them before.
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    Mar Bars

    Let me know if you did not sell them. I am interested in a pair
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    I SRT for assents over 30-50' and then set my ddrt system. Have not taken the time to know RW well enough to work a job with.
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    ITCC Photos

    Nice Job Roger, These are fantastic!!!
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    ITCC 2012 Pics from a local Portland News station

    What a great Comp, Thanks for posting this photos.
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    Women's Tree Climbing Workshop

    Re: Summary - Women\'s Tree Climbing Workshop Hey Melissa, When will we see some pictures? I hope to be able to join you guys next yr. Sounds like fun. It would be great to see you. Michelle
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    Ok, I have picture for you, I am not from NE anymore thou I hope to hang out with the ladies next yr. It sounds like a blast! Its a picture of a sizable Douglas-fir. I currently do not have a 200' line so I had to tied 2 150s together to SRT up it. I went up to remove some large pieces of dw so...
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    NO women climbers...

    Ok,lets try again. Would try more than one but do not know if it would work.
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    NO women climbers...

    All about Maui, Want to learn to surf too!! OK, am going to try to post pics from comps. Don't know what I'm doing, so dare with.
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    "TreeBuzz FootLockin Woman" title on the line...

    Re: \"TreeBuzz FootLockin Woman\" title on the line... Great article, I remembered it, but could not find it, Thanks
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    "TreeBuzz FootLockin Woman" title on the line...

    Re: \"TreeBuzz FootLockin Woman\" title on the line... Hey Katy, Do those videos look familiar or what!!! Well done ladies, Keep up the good work. Lookin good!!!
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    lurking women, care to introduce yourselves?

    Hey, Scottee, Hows it going Woman. It was good to meet you. look forward to seeing you again.

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