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    Hung up Poplar

    Nice to see Tom on top of the mud slinging ! Nice job Steve :)
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    Meindhl pro climbers are the best they are like slippers :)
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    So I shouldnt post this due to the shame

    Er Why was a crane needed on that job !!
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    tips 'n tricks for getting paid faster

    Re: tips \'n tricks for getting paid faster My quotations allways read 'payment on completion when you will be presented with a VAT invoice' Seems to do the trick most of the time ;)
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    New forum name suggestions?

    Ekka you want a serious forum that can be taken seriousley by all and open to the general public for info and you start the site wars shite from day one ? Bright move that one, what's with you guys !! If you want a succesfull forum let it build itself rather than taking cheap shots from day...
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    Need Your Help Please.

    Rupe, e-mail me some details and I'll square him away some donation.
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    Three smiles underneath a tree

    I'm sorry but you deserve a smack in the mouth that is bang out of order Eric.
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    Which Bulletin Board?

    Vbulletin is the best i reckon from strictly a user point of view. Do you really need a forum ?
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    Busy building new website, thanks Guy!

    All bull [censored] aside that looks pretty good Eric. News pages work very well you have to have something to keep people coming back to your website. I also send out a hard copy newsletter 3-4 times a year to my clients which allways bumps up the work load and can be season related :)
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    U.K Chipper stolen from under our noses.

    Normal practise here I'm afraid. Sorry to hear your news. I got done as well just before Christmas :(
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    SIP 5.1 under fire

    I recently swapped to SIPS good trousers. JUst remember any say will cut through any chainsaw trousers in seconds if you don't realise you've hit yourself and close the throttle. We did tests at college many years ago.
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    another notched spar descent accident

    What's wrong with spiking back down the stick ? I don't think i've ever used an 8 to decend from a tree ! I must admit though i know have an AFS which makes coming down large sticks a helluva lot easier !
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    Footlocking help

    What can I say, I'm busy LOL :)
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    Nice post Ed :)
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    Footlocking help

    [ QUOTE ] i for one think it would be a shame to take it out of the comps [/ QUOTE ] Are you sure mate might help you out a bit next year if they binned it

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