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    New Lyme desease test

    Stopped at the Lyme disease booth at NY State fair today. Bought the little tick remover, but they also had a kit (didn't get) that you can test the tick yourself to see if it is a carrier for lyme disease. I believe the cost was $15.
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    The Fundamentals of General Tree Work - Digital Edition

    Great book, glad he had the foresight to take pictures and write it.
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    Any of you guys have a sawmill?

    My son bought a small saw mill from a friend. A band mill you walk the blade thru the log. Think he told me he can saw up to 20" dia. For what we use it for it works out. Mostly has been for personal use so far. Replacing roof on his house used it for that. Plus my other son built work benches...
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    How to educate homeowners..

    Your right, didn't get the job, tree was still there quite awhile afterwards, thinking no one did. But a little laughable , he must have gone through everybody in the phone book.
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    How to educate homeowners..

    Had just the opposite experience once. Instead of not wanting to meet for an estimate, I was told I was the 11th person he had got an estimate from.
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    CDL - needed or not??

    Had the same question, have a chip truck under 26k with air brakes so called dmv. Lady that answered wasn't sure so she said let me get someone who knows and check. Came back and told me we don't need cdl as long as under the 26k. That's what I was told, in NY also.
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    chainsaw maintenance

    Speaking of Tim Ard, I saw him last week on an episode of "This Old House" with Roger Cook doing some chainsaw safety and stuff. Good to see him as I know he had a health issue to battle a bit ago.
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    Don't get tossed in the dog house, guys!

    Re: Don\'t get tossed in the dog house, guys! Yep ... funny Just happened to me over the weekend. My wife and I were in the grocery store and she was looking for peanuts in the shell. Now she likes unsalted peanuts and I like the salted ones. I spotted them on a shelf right behind this...
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    Worst Thing Through A Chipper?

    leaf rake
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    Who heats with a woodstove?

    Best part of our woodstove beside the heat is the little magnetic temperature gauge we stuck on the front. When the dial hits 12 or more its comfortable and when it drops to 9 time to get up and throw another stick on.
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    Interesting notching techique

    I think it is a valid technique and have used it for for years. As Willbranch stated it works on smaller diameter trees. I use it on smaller diameter trees with backlean but not with alot of sidelean. Especially if it would be hard to sidewedge the tree or as stated drive in frontwise but bottom...
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    washing rigging lines question

    My wife washes ours in a mesh bag using ivory snow at the laundry mat. Last time the washer overflowed with soap suds onto the floor. Had to rinse the rope twice. She said must be a little bit goes a long ways. :)
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    Dad had heart attack, brother stitches, uncle fell

    I think of my Dad also, wish I had even just one more day with him. Hope yours recovers and you have alot more days with him.
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    Which is more Dangerous ?

    So the great white missed his meal. Since you brought it up about pancreatic cancer,it is a tough one and too bad about your Uncle. My wife is a 16 year survivor of it. She made the medical journals etc. She got it at a young age of only 38. Doing fine now, splits wood all day and runs a saw...
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    Which is more Dangerous ?

    Had a harley sportster many years ago and at 9am one morning on my way for some parts a guy ran a sign. Saw him coming but he had slowed as if to stop. He punched it just as he got to the intersection. I hit him broadside doing about 55. Spun the car and I went tumbling over the car. Never...

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